My mate Si is an amazing friend.

Si McGuinness,

On of my oldest and dearest friends send the bar impossibly heigh with this one. I grew up with this reprobate as a bunch of punk kids I strutting round Newcastle as glammie getting hammered and we had not a care in the world. Girls, booze, friends and [CENSORED] activities (Our mum’s read this blog)

One of my most requested plays in the Mayfair was to have Enuff Z’Nuff blaring out New Thing when we first walked…nay strut across the dance floor. Little Jeff or Gordon knew to play it or would it a beer exchanged hands.

Well they’re still touring Si asked for a photo for me and got this. He posted it on his Facebook for me. That’s there for ever. A constant reminder I can never top this.

Pain: 2-10 nothing managed

Mood: blessed, upbeat

Appetite: 3 square meals.

Weight: same, hasn’t changed.

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