Cam’s Cancer C…

It’s just a quickie blog today and we’ll get to the Cam’s Cancer C…. in a sec, but as I am in the twilight time period of the chemotherapy cycle where I feel human, I can eat, taste, smell, exercise and I can get out of the house.

I’ve been for meals with Kerry and friends, we tried that Ora in Tynemouth and managed to go Climbing on Sunday with friends and went to Mantra Thai in Newcastle too. Nice to have the sun shining on me for once.


I decided the other day I would name my cancer. I don’t think that it will come as a great surprise for you to hear that I named it….

Boris Johnson. He, himself is a cancerous little turd, who’s destroying the fabric of life and is a general all round pain, in all of our arses, I thought it quite apt.

However, I am on the beg… You may or mayn’t know, I am a man who loves a bit of alliteration in his life. Kerry is just as bad. We. Name. Everything! Our last 4 cars have been Ford Focuses (Or should that be Foci?)

Well, our car is called ‘Felix’ the Ford Focus, much to the dissatisfaction of my two colleagues Graeme and Andy, who refer to it as ‘The Vignale’ with the Italian hand gesture and crap Italian accents:-

The Italian Hand Gesture of explanation

but anyways, I digress. The name of my site ‘Cam’s Cancer Story’ just doesn’t sit well. I have been looking for the third ‘C word’ but obviously not using the actual C Word as that is going to send this blog in a whole different direction. So I ask for your help… Can I have some suggestions from you lot please. Hit me up on social media, reply to this blog, Text me/WhatsApp me if you want to do it in private and as always, like or share the blog.

People have been asking for an up to date photo of myself and even some calls for an update picture on Rupert. I’ll get to taking one of me soon. However I was able to go out on one of Rupert’s dog walks yesterday and I managed to snag this one.

Rupert Gallagher-Mortimer Lord of the Derp.

Pain Today: 2/10 really being handled by the pain killers. Blood came back for a day or so but has gone again.
Mood Today: Upbeat, although I have the sword of Damocles hanging over my head, it’s 24 hours till chemo re-connection. Trying not to think about it.
Appetite Today: Ravenous, could eat. Gonna eat all I can today.
Weight: 190lbs / 13.5 St / 86KG (This is fake weight – I have been cramming food down my neck preparing for this weeks Chemotherapy. When I can eat I am just ramming food down my neck.

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