About Me…

Thanks for stumbling over my little corner of the internet. Welcome to
‘Cam’s Cancer Chronicles’

My name is Cam. I hail from Norwich in Norfolk, but I was raised in Fife in Scotland before my family finally settled in Gateshead, near Newcastle Upon Tyne.
I live with my partner and my absolute everything Kerry and our German Shepherd Rupert in Wallsend. We just bought our forever-home, something we wished we’d done years earlier but…you know. Priorities right?
Kerry and I just celebrated our 15th year anniversary together. I hope for quite a few more but you may or may not know. In 2019 I was given the news that I have Stage IV Bowel cancer and it’s sadly metastasised to my lungs. There’s more of that here. I’m fighting it. Together we’ve thrown everything we can at it.

Cancer has changed a few things in my life, nah maybe a few views in my life. I am still the same really, I just wish I had longer or any idea of time. At the moment I am in great health and I am still in love with all forms of tech.

I love my job too, I work in the IT sector for a company called Act! We make the growth suite solution also called Act!
I think most of all, I am glad to be able to share my life with the woman that means the world to me.

Me, when I could still grown facial hair.
My Everything, Kerry.
Rupert Gallagher-Mortimer. Lord of the derp, I love him ❤

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