Something is working

Well, as the title suggests. Something is working. It could be:-

  • The Diet
  • Complementary drugs from the London Oncology Clinic
  • Cannabis Oil
  • Chemotherapy

For the diet, I stopped eating red meat, well meat really. I haven’t actually eaten any since I found out about the cancer. I still eat fish but I cut out 90% of my dairy intake too, not that I had it much, I am most probably exaggerating my dairy intake too as I do have cheese as and when I want it and I have Skyr yogurt sometimes too. However, I was in command of the new lifestyle change a year ago cutting out processed foods and eating like a normal for a long while now. However I stick to it more now-a-days.

The Complementary drugs, the reviews say that people started to get energy about a month in. So hey, if its them helping then great.

The Cannabis oil, well that’s just taken every day, I get a bit of a giggle for a bit but I do get a bit of appetite after taking it too.

Chemotherapy, yeah! It could actually be that reducing the size of the tumour.

Well I saw my NHS Oncologist Mr Hashme a couple days ago. He is super pleased with the progress. Any time that someone comes in upbeat and with news that their cancer doesn’t hurt has to be a win for him. It’s still the same plan as before. We are re-scanning me in 3 months in. CT, MRI, Bloods the works. We then share the updates with the Private Oncologist Mr Aziz, and with the London Oncology Clinic and we all reassess. If opinions differ between oncologists then I will cross that bridge when we come to it. However, we may not. We won’t know until the time.

Anything else I could tell you that’s changed?

Not really, I mean, yeah we jigged round the drugs a little. I now take Omeprazole for stopping the production of so much stomach acid. I’m 41 and I have always struggled with heartburn. I kinda guess it’s a family thing. I don’t eat tonnes of pastry now-a-days, I have considerably less marmite on my toast, I don’t eat Pizza after 21:00. Daft little cam-isms that if adhered to, prevents me from getting heartburn. However, since chemo. Looking at food incorrectly would give me heartburn. You really ought see how many pills I take in one go multiple times a day, you’d understand.

Getting up first thing and having the anti-sickness Metoclopramide and Omeprazole, then having breakfast and then taking pills seems to be working. I have to point out, that took weeks of adjusting to get it right. Even a slice of toast makes the difference.

My weight has been bouncing around recently, I have managed to keep some weight on for once with is a massive bonus. I’m sitting at about 190 lbs \ 86 KG \ 13.5 St and I am happy with that for now. I eat sensibly but as Kerry has been saying, “Babe. If you are hungry then eat.”

She treated me to a Curry at a place in Jesmond we love called Dabbawal, it’s not conventional curry, though I think you can still order some of that. It’s more geared up to actual Indian street food. I really love the place as do my closest mates and they take no convincing to meet up and go eat there.

Oh, durr, Kerry’s Dad Joe is staying at the moment, I have my brother coming to visit in a couple of weeks but Joe the man the legend is ex army and looks after what he eats most of the year, he has to have certain foods when he comes for a visit. The annual fish and chips and the annual burger king. We ticked off the fish and chips by going to Coleman’s Seafood Temple. I know that everyone has got their favourites and I know people will tell me Longsands in Tynemouth, Riley’s Fish Shack, or the Harbour View. Christ, the friary at the priory still makes a good fish and chips if you’re skankin’ it. Great memories.

I really want to actually try Coleman’s à la carte sélection. Sadly, it won’t be for a while. I am not supposed to be having shellfish at the moment, muscles, Oysters and scallops. (I am ignoring the fact they mentioned prawns and being very picky and getting them from my local asian and south east asian supermarkets. Buying the largest I can, completely de-veining the prawns before eating.) I have also never ordered a lobster in a restaurant. I just can’t ever imagine me doing so, however, I think I could if I were in Maine in the USA I think I would. That or an entire Alaskan King Crab (Though I don’t know if I have to go to Seattle for that or not) Anyway, I ordered my Haddock and Chips with a side of Mushy peas and fresh made tartare sauce (Worth visiting alone for the sauce) I snapped a shot on Instagram.

Didn’t get any snaps of the Indian food. I am really not that on the ball at posting pictures of food. Unless I am full on willy waving from Japan.

Because I have been able to eat, I have had the energy to move. I have been motivated. This means exercise. I have managed the dog walks I can go to. Saltwell Park is only 2.2 miles. I don’t think I have managed to make the full circuit yet. Close to it. We went to watergate park too, snapped a couple of photos of Rupert for you all to marvel at his majestic floofy wolfness

Watergate Country Park, just across the valley from us.
My Wolf and My Queen.

As a lot of you have requested an update photo. I’ll get to that in a moment.

I am losing my hair like it’s on fire. I hate being able to see my scalp through my hairline so I am wearing hats a lot more now. However as you may or maynot know. My amazing fiancée promised me she would be with me. Every. Step. So on Wednesday next week we take the plunge, I decided it’s better to take it all off rather than it be patchy. Kerry is taking the ultimate step and braving the shave.

This wasn’t even the original plan. There wasn’t going to be any making a wig out of the hair or braving the shave. It was Kerry supporting me and going through what I am going through. She isn’t completely 100% shaving her head. We always talked about Kerry getting a Mohawk, if any of you know Kerry at all you know she’ll rock whatever hairdo she chooses. However she has decided for the sides to be bare and her long curls will be gone but I just can’t wait to see what the end result is.

Now, we put on the brave the shave link, we didn’t expect anything really. You go onto this charity site and you can see that a lot of people want to raise some dosh doing it and donate it to a worthy cause. Some missing their targets (Which I think is set at £300 minimum)
It’s kind of odd because there are cancer sufferers out there that take offence to this, while I am not part of that camp and support anyone raising money for a worthwhile cause however you can, still don’t understand why you would wish to discourage them braving the shave.

Well, we have been extremely humbled by everyone’s response. Kerry raised the £300 and then smashed the target by doubling it in about 6 hours.

This is amazing and we are extremely humbled by all of your donations. We are going to leave the donation link in my links site and although we are not going to be posting constant updates I know that a lot of people have contacted me asking if they can donate on payday.
If you wanna donate anything. Click this link and donate what you can.

Other people have been asking me about money and stuff. Listen, this is silly. I am not a poor fella, far from it. My company have been very understanding and have extended far beyond what they are obliged to do so and again completely humbled me again. However yes. I am not on as much money as I was before. I don’t want for much. I want for your friendships but please, no more offers of financial help. It’s gracious and I thank you, but Kerry and I are doing okay.
If you wanna get me something to relieve the boredom, I have an amazon and steam wishlist. However I doubt I have updated them in ages. Gan tits if you want but I want for nowt. I’ll stick some books up I’d like or something.

Taken 07.09.2019

Pain Today: 3/10 – Pain Managed
Mood Today: We are going to try to go to the Northumberland County Zoo today. So yay?
Appetite Today: I could eat. Gonna try too.
Weight: 190 lbs \ 86 KG \ 13.5 St

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