A pound? For that?

So tonight was get a f*cking haircut day with Kerry and myself.

As with all trips to the local haircuttery we end up having a meal out.

Off to Zizzi’s for a cheap and cheerful.

Usual tosh for myself, breadbasket and then a pizza etc. This time Kerry convinced me to having a sweet. Now working as a chef for many years has ruined eating sweet food for me. I don’t really have your steriotypical ‘sweet tooth’ but I can be convinced if you have my kryptonite.

Pistachio Icecream. OM-Nom-Nom!!!!

Well they had on the menu, ‘add amaretti biscuits for £1’ so who wouldn’t?

till it turned up. Now I am not your instagram-wanker. I didn’t take an image for you all to see but basically this is how it went down.

I got 3 scoops of icecream. Fair play. With what looked like sand on the top.

That… ladies and gentlefolk was my whole english Pound worth of Amaretti Biscuits.

Icecream dandruff.

What a fecking rip!

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