jQuery UK / Holiday

Kerry and I are on holiday for a well earned week away. We’re going to try and fit in as much in as we can but it’s on of those ‘It’ll be over before you knew it began holidays.
24 hours prior to the holiday beginning. Boom. I get a cold. It’s a sucky one but I’d doing my best to not let it ruin the holiday.

So we’re currently in Oxford, staying at the MacDonald Randolph Hotel.
It’s very nice, pricy but as Kerry is leading a workshop for jQuery UK it’s on them, and that’s very nice.

Yesterday I drove over from Reading where we’ve been staying with our besties Leighanne and Jamie and their son/our god-son Oscar. He’s recovering so well from his heart surgery. It’s just so odd to see the frail child now turn into a bouncing baby now. Like a completely different little person.

So anyways. Tomorrow before we head off to Bournemouth to see Fooey, christ! that’s just been too long. It’s been far too long. I wonder how many fat jokes he’s going to crack? Well It’s more along the lines of how many old jokes I can crack in return.

Ooooooh in other news. I got Kerry a sponsor pack. She’s told me she’d wanted one for years but I had to buy it for her one year she didn’t ask for it. You know. Make it look like I’d put thought into it for her. OFC as soon as I made said purchase. ‘Oh you know what you could get me is….’ fucking typical.
Anyway she’s sponsered some knackered Donkey called ‘Mr Crusty’ We get to meet him tomorrow before we set off for Bournemouth.

That’ll be cool.

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