Chemo Start Date.

Hi-ya Peeps,

Just a mini-blog to update everyone.

What another week of crazy. I just received a call from Lloyds Pharmacy Home-care (LPHC). First of all with an apology for the delay due to staff shortages, which is fine. I get it, there’s a global pandemic going on. The LPHC lady and I then discussed the plan.

  • Tuesday next week 23/06/2020 I’ll have the nurses come and take bloods. A courier then comes and takes them to the lab and delivers them to the lab. They can then work out the prescription.
  • Prescription is then delivered to me via courier on the Wednesday.
  • Thursday 25/06/2020 I have a nurse attend and administer the chemotherapy and stays with me the whole time.

This is going to be a new experience for me. I know I have covered this in previous blogs. However, if you are new – (Reader’s Digest version)

Everything moved so quick in the beginning, my original Oncologist Dr Hashme had me on chemo so quick that I actually had my first chemotherapy via the NHS and administered in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. The process was:-

Turn up at appointment time, have bloods, wait a few hours for the prescription.
Over the next 3 hours, have 3 of the 4 chemotherapy treatments administered.
I would be hooked up to the pump (the 4th treatment) and I would be drip fed chemo over the course of the next 3-4 days.
I would then return to hospital to have the pump removed.

The process under the NHS would take about 6-8 hours. The removal of the pump would take 5 minutes, not accounting for waiting times.

I don’t know if the process is going to be completely the same. I will find out on Thursday. I can stop panicking that they’ve forgotten about me. I may even just send a text to Dr Pedley (My Oncologist) and let him know I’ve got the start date now.

Anyway, just to let you know. Kerry and I are doing okay. We’re shielding. We’re doing fine. Another crazy week of reading the news and just being appalled to say the least.

Glad to have a start date – Not glad to be back on chemo but you know… Next step and all of that.


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