End of an Era.

It’s official.

Felix is no more. I just got a call from Gary.

I went down this morning to see them at the garage. They said that it was not good. If the engine had locked we could see what the damage was once the car was stripped down.

Gary my mechanic informed me. He’s stripped the engine down. He cannot get it unstuck. The culprit being a dead oil pump. I can’t believe our terrible luck.

The car was just in for a routine service and a timing belt change. Gary had just said that when we picked up the car from that it was a good ol’ boy and he couldn’t see any problems with the car doing another 100,000 miles.

The car could have a new engine for about £500 and probably the same again in labour, we have the car insured for £1000. It’s probably not worth it.

All I can say is. It’s the end of an era.


You were a brilliant car. Sadly missed.

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