About Me…

My name is Cam. I hail from Norwich in Norfolk, I was raised in Fife in Scotland before my family settled in Gateshead.
I live with my rock, my queen, my absolute everything, my fiancée Kerry. We live together with our German Shepherd dog Rupert. We have been together nearly 13 years this autumn.
I love a few things in life but mainly I love Northumberland where we live, I love Mountain Biking and Bouldering, two really big parts of my life. I’m a massive geek and love all forms of tech. I love my job too, I work in the IT sector for a company called Swiftpage. We make the growth suite solution called Act!.
I think most of all, I am glad to be able to share my life with the woman that means the world to me.

Me, when I could still grown facial hair.
My Everything, Kerry.
Rupert Gallagher-Mortimer. Lord of the derp, I love him ❤