Back on it – Kerry’s ABPU Competition –

Hi Everyone, it’s about that time for an update again. I’m trying to make the blogs a little bit more consistent and not too long in length.

I guess it just got back to it (Treatment) after the Bobby Robson Doctors gave me a weeks short break. I know I needed the break, that’s for sure but I totally lied and said I was ready to get back on it when I went in for pre-treatment blood tests. It’s easy to explain though. I’m not fighting this fucking disease when I am taking breaks am I?

The treatment’s prescription has been lowered to see if I can tolerate it a little better. I was on the strongest and most frequent prescription on the whole trial so they did expect it to go this way they admitted to us.

Have I noticed a difference? No not really, not in the way I feel. There must be one as I am currently sitting in a cafe in a climbing club in Manchester watching Kerry and our mates climbing and kinda half blogging. Had this been a month ago I think I’d have been a lot more horizontal watching movies.
The G-CSF injections still wear me down. I have such a hard time on them it really makes me not want to do them, just chuck ‘em in the bin or the sea. I know I can’t. Just feel like I want to.
It’s not even taking them, this last set of five I actually took all by myself. Quite proud of myself what with my absolute fear of needles.
It’s the pain they give, it’s like someone is standing on my sternum and another on my hips or lower back. When I am walking down the stairs it’s like my hips are grinding in their sockets.
We are trying new painkillers, Naproxen. I just need to remember to take it when I am in pain and rather, before the pain kicks in. It does mean I need to be taking Omeprazole again too. Traditionally it has been a one way ticket to heartburn taking these meds so I just need to keep on top of it. I have still had to use tramadol and one night, morphine for the breakthrough pain. It only lasted a few hours but it was still enough to have me crying out in pain. That’s usually the night of or night after the fifth and final day of taking the G-CSF injections.
I can start relaxing from that point onwards.
I’ve weathered the initial storm of the chemotherapy and it’s aches and pains, I take the G-CSF injections from day’s 5-10 and then I’ve got 4 days of relaxing before I have to get back on it.
Due to Kerry’s competition we are away this weekend and I missed the Friday blood tests. We it moved to Monday and treatment on the Tuesday instead. Due to this. They’ll more than likely change my treatment to blood tests on a Tuesday and Treatment on a Wednesday as Tuesday is already their busiest day of the week for chemotherapy treatments.
This is actually preferred for Kerry and me. She’s always got meetings on Mondays and having to go into Hospitals on a Friday is always a ball ache too to be quite frank.

As I mentioned above, we away this weekend in Manchester for Kerry’s Powerlifting federation (ABPU) British Championships or ‘Nationals’ that she had qualified for at her first meet.
She’s been to the weigh ins this morning, after a very controlled water cut came a comfortable 600g under the 82.5kgs weight category.
We’ve already been to smash some pancakes this morning, I feel there will be a McDonald’s at some point in the afternoon before we go for Kerry’s chosen cuisine of something South-East Asian, whether that be Korean, Thai or Chinese. Whatever we find in Manchester really.
It’s her weekend so I don’t mind at all. We all know it’s my favourite cuisine choice so I’ll not grumble.

I’m as always, utterly proud of her and her biggest/loudest fan. This is going to be a big one. She’s put so much into this meeting. If you follow along on her socials/IG etc you’ll know she’s been chucking up personal bests left right and centre but now it’s time to make them all official.

Then… Smash food.


Well I was supposed to post this blog about 6 weeks ago and I just realised I didn’t publish it.

So much so that Kerry smashed that competition and we are about to go back to Manchester to compete again ald the World championships.

I’ll post this now as I start to work on the new blog.

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