Ending the year on a high

Hi to all,

Kerry and I have worked on the house a lot in the last 5 months and in the last couple of these months to relax and settle into our new home. We thank everyone for their well wishes and we’d say we’re not remotely finished, but in fairness. Does anyone ever finish? However, with the arrival of furniture we’d been waiting 6 odd months for. It does feel like home. However…

COVID-19 really has made the last few years into strange times, times made all the more strange as I was doing Chemo or Radiotherapy during. I am beginning to think we’ll ever see the ‘normal’ again. Speaking of treatment though. I am not on any at the moment. I am waiting to hear from Professor Plumber about any treatment she may want me to be on. I had received a couple of messages from my Oncologist Dr Pedley asking how I was getting on, I didn’t reply for a week or so and he messaged again asking.
I plucked up the courage to reply and I had said that I was cross because I didn’t feel like giving up and I feel that offering me palliative pills as an only hit me really hard. I would like to meet in the new year. Talk it through with him. Start on the cannabis resin and chemo again in the new year and lets. beat. this!
He’s agreed to that and I am ready myself but, lets have Christmas and I decided to make some changes.

So I stopped taking the Care Oncology Clinic (London)’s Protocol. I also cold turkey stopped taking my tramadol and morphine too. Now weaned off the stuff I can tell you that I am in the exact amount of pain without the opiates as I am with them. I turned off the MediSafe pill reminders in the apps on my iPad/Phone/Watch.

It. Was. Liberating!

I am no longer taking fistfulls of pills in the mornings and evenings. Uch! Can’t tell you how good it is. I’ve been off so long I can already feel the effects. Clarity returning, oh and I can have booze again.


So aye, that’s where we are at. Me and Kerry set a budget for Christmas and we both completely took the piss and each of us won’t say what we spent.
So what eh? First Christmas in the new home. How many more do we have? Loads we hope but just in case. I’ll make them good ones, that’s for sure.
With the news that my old flat is selling I think we can say this year isn’t a total loss.

So to one and all, Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best for 2022

– Cam, Kerry and Rupert (Lord of the Derp)

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