I’m doing alright, soldiering on.

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a minute since my last blog and I thought I’d get another one up before I start chemo again next week. I’ve had a week of calm chemo so far. It just goes to show how much I needed the break that Dr Pedley prescribed for me.

During that couple of weeks off, a lot happened. I managed to get to meet my Half-sister Jane and Niece Lucy for the first time since finding out we were siblings. They are 100% blood relatives, so similar to ourselves and thoroughly welcomed with opened arms to our batsh*t family.
Kerry and I have had the flat in Gateshead emptied and short of a deep clean, it’s pretty much ready to go on the market and be done with it.
Managed to get myself de-registered from my doctors in Gateshead and got myself registered over in Wallsend.
This is bittersweet for me, the end of an era.
I look through the records on my file, the NHS app shows me it all. I see the repeated attempts I was seeking answers to the bleeding to be fobbed off by the Gateshead surgery.
My only hope is that they learnt from it, procedures are updated and no one ever needs to through what I did. That and the fact I now have a new surgery that looks after me. One that gets excellent reviews.

I should probably say…I had a bit of a fall unfortunately, Rupert the massive dope cried freedom out of the front door and although I thought I had a decent hold/scruff on him. He managed to drag me to the floor. I ended up with grazing on my face and a lot of bruises but a week/10 days on. I am also finding it harder to breath on the side that hit the ground and of course it was my port that got bruised too.

Nothing to seek medical attention over but…Yeah…just another typical ‘Could only happen to Cam’ thing.

Side effects this week, yeah, they really haven’t come for me. That or I am covering my bases correctly with the preventative pill taking and the correct anti-sickness/diarrhea/heartburn medication as soon as anything rears its ugly head. Can’t complain really.

I’ve even managed to crack on doing some chores around the house, yeah. I’m a sweaty mess within 5 minutes of starting the chore or needing to sit-down/lay-down mid way through or afterwards. However, that little bit of accomplishment is really rewarding right now.

Suffice to say, when you’ve been sitting in a chair for a year waiting for your new house to materialise. It’s amazing how much of a win going through all your old clothes and throwing out bags of crap you’re never going to wear again is.

Today was spent going round the house removing fixtures we are never going to use. We have blinds and the previous owners had a taste for tacky curtain poles. They’re gone now and I was removing wall plugs and using polyfilla like a madman. Couple of days time, I can go round with sandpaper and the hoover and get them all sanded flat.

We are still waiting for the gardeners to start work on the back garden to get rid of the quagmire. The said they’d come today but then it just rained. Who knows…

So aye, not much to tell but an update all the same. Sometimes chemo isn’t so doom and gloom. I hope you’re all well and I’ll put another blog on in a week or so when I’ve had the next treatment.

Take Care,


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