CT scan Results

It’s all blog blog blog isn’t it Cam?
Wheey…hardly but here’s another one for you.

I just put the phone down to my Oncologist Dr Pedley and then called Aviva making arrangements.
The results of the CT scan had taken longer to collect than Dr P. would have liked but he had them all the same and he was calling to discuss them.

So, the lung lesions have increased in size as predicted. One of which, in my upper right lobe increased to 20mm and another of similar size in my lower left lobe. We believe we still have a total of 5 lung mets, but they are incredibly hard to tell cancer from other tissues on a mere CT scan.

This means that Dr Pedley has referred me to the stereotactic radiosurgery MDT to review my case and he also thought it best that I have a new P.E.T CT scan.
So I just called Aviva to prepare them for a new request coming through.

I know you would think that this isn’t exactly the news I would want right before my birthday but it actually is.

I mean, it isn’t! I’d rather you tell me I don’t have cancer at all and I am on the road to hearing the fabled ‘N.E.D’ or No evidence of disease. (Hey a guy can dream can’t he?)

But what it boils down to is that I responded so well to chemotherapy last time (and every time for that matter) that the lung lesions were too small to be treated by SABR that in effect, I was told to piss off and grow my cancers back a bit.
Well, we did the waiting and I needed the time to recover from the awfulness that is chemotherapy and this is where we are now.

Dr Pedley said that the current CT Scan shows the larger lung mets are cavitated, like the middle is missing. Therefore the idea of having a P.E.T CT scan would be to see which of them are feeding or alive if you will. Furthermore the results of the P.E.T scan will give his team and the SABR team a plan of attack. He continued to say that he found no further reason to give me any more chemotherapy at this time (Whoop) and due to COVID and Christmas, I should expect a phone call arranging the P.E.T Scan next week not this week. I am supposed to be resting and shielding because of having a general last week anyways so that works out well.

I called to arrange my quarterly review with the Care Oncology Clinic today also, that’s on Thursday. I can’t see them having any issues. I gave them my most recent blood test results from last week. I expect it will just be all clear to proceed with the medical study drugs and a new prescription.

Pain wise, I would say that I am more sore than feeling pain at the moment. I still get the odd jabbing pain, it’s still not a pleasant experience using the toilet. However, when I think of what I had to go through in previous months or the start of the year to be more precise, I’m doing okay.

Kerry has just been arranging her annual leave for the Christmas period. I am looking forwards to spending the time with her. There’s been a few video game releases recently or rather, the big one that is just about to be released (Cyberpunk 2077) that we can play over the holidays. So long as I can actually sit up at the computer, I am going to play the living crap out of that game.
We’ve been discussing food plans, gluttony and chilling out for Christmas.

So in recap. It was the news we were hoping for, also the news we expected.
Lets see what the P.E.T Scan shows and hope that they will be able to help me with SABR and on the the next phase I guess.


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