19/11/2020 – An update

I know, I know…

I haven’t put an update on for what seems like an age. In reality it’s been about a month.

When I last put an update on it was to give a bit of upbeat news for a change. However, in the last 4 weeks, I haven’t been able to do pretty much anything. I haven’t had any further news (until now) and I didn’t want to put up a blog of me complaining of pain.

Sadly, that’s all I have been living in the last month. I have my good days, I have my off weeks but at the moment, it’s a lot of pain.

I have my first ever sigmoidoscopy at the Nuffield in Newcastle to try to get an understanding on where all of this pain is coming from. It’s going to be on the 27th of November and due to me having to have this under a general anaesthetic, more than likely an overnight stay too.

On the 24th of November I have to have a COVID-19 test, and how is this for well organised. I got a call from my Oncology team requesting I have a CT scan and I got that organised for a couple of hours before the COVID test.

My understanding is that I have the CT scan to see how my lungs have been getting along since the chemotherapy stopped.
If you missed the previous blog, I actually wasn’t able to have the SABR (Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy) because I had responded so well to the chemotherapy that the metastatic cancers in my lungs were on the small side to be treated by the SABR.

I know it sounds like I was told to go away and grow my cancers back a bit but in fairness. I kinda was.

So this is where we are at, I was going to leave this blog until after I had the results and not moan about the constant pain. However I have been asked repeatedly by friends and family to give an update I thought it best to put an update on.

So this is where we are:-

Scans and procedures at the end of the month.
Usually results within a week afterwards
Next steps to be planned around that time.

All I can do for now is keep taking my pills and dealing with the pain as best I can. I hope everyone is well and we will speak soon.


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