I got 'The' text message today – Plans, bans and safety at home.

Today I received ‘The’ text message today:-

I believe the figures are 1.5 Million Britons received this message. I know a very close friend of mine received his a couple of hours before me. I think if I am honest, I knew it was coming. I have received a lot of messages from friends, family and followers asking me if I thought it was the best idea to be leaving the house at all at the moment.


Kerry and I have talked about it and I am no longer going to be allowed on the daily dog walk. The stupid woman brushing arms with me in our local park was kinda of like the final nail in the coffin for me. It made me think long and hard about it.

I can have fresh air out the back door, open all the windows I like. However Kerry is going to do all of the answering the door at home from now on. We’ve talked about doing specific cutlery, crockery, glasses etc. I have a favourite pair of chopsticks in the house too but as they’re wooden, I am gonna have to use the cheap plastic ones we have instead. At least I know I can keep them clean.

Kerry is going to have to scrub up after every leave of the house. She is only leaving the house right now for dog walks and to get essentials.

I think I am going to take John up on the offer if I need anything from the shop in an emergency but I am going to take this text message seriously.

I don’t really have a choice now do I?

Dr Pedley my oncologist sent me a text message yesterday converting my face to face meeting to a phone call.

In his text message he detailed that he is no longer based at the Nuffield and is flicking between the Royal Victoria and Freeman hospitals in Newcastle. It is paramount that his patients are safe.

I applaud this decision, I think we all do. When we have the phone call on Wednesday, I am going to request the cancellation of the MRI scan. I am effectively on lock-down now. Who knows when the MRI scan could be rescheduled for. 3 months or even longer away?

Further to the meeting, if the news from my CT is bad and the mets in my lungs have spread and that I will need to have chemotherapy, I can receive this at home under my private health care. I found this out from my Lloyd’s nurses when they were coming to take my bloods weekly on the recent Chemo-Radiotherapy treatment. I didn’t actually know that was an option.
That and the IV Chemotherapy I had previously was via the NHS.

How am I feeling about it all?

Terrified I guess. We all want to do everything we can to stop the spread of this pandemic. The fact I know that people still aren’t taking the advice. The queues in supermarkets with people not adhering to the 2 metre rule is astonishing.

I know that we have it in us to follow the advice and stay safe. We just need people to come round to it.


That’s enough. I thought I would let you know what’s happening

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