Week 2 since ending current treatment – Self-Isolation

Hi Everyone,

It is with a warm heart I can tell you all I am feeling much, Much better. I really feel so much improvement down there. I am able to go to the toilet okay. It’s still painful but it’s not agony anymore. I have been able to reduce my pain killer intake dramatically too.
I am no longer using Oramorph, I am going to start reducing my Tramadol usage from today too.

I have now been on the dog walk 3 days straight, we’ve been increasing the length on each walk. First one was to the field. Throw some frisbees for Rupert, then a walk round the lake. Second was round the perimeter of the ‘Castle’ (Read: Towers) and today the same with the round the lake thrown in too.

It’s a massive relief to me. I feel that the radiotherapy treatment will be able to take affect over the coming weeks. I had a CT scan this week. I will be able to get the results from that Dr Pedley next week. Although, that is… unless I am called and informed that the meeting is cancelled. I am scheduled to have a MRI the following week but we already discussed it may be too early for that. I am going to discuss with Dr Pedley whether it makes sense to delay it but when he last called me. He did say that he would just schedule another if the results were not clear enough.

Another blogger Bowel Warrior (Please Like and Share her blog too) posted that her operation was cancelled because of C-19. She too is Stage IV and also 40. I feel very close to her and follow her story and relate massively to her story.

I worry myself that a similar situation is going to arise for me. My own plan is to plan surgery in the following months once the radiotherapy has taken time to work.

The Recent CT scan was to check what’s been going on in my lungs since the previous IV Chemotherapy ended such a long time ago. Much as I would hate to have to have more interim chemotherapy to keep it all at bay while the Dr’s and Nurses help to deal with this global pandemic. Much as my health care is private. I know I will not be a priority, nor should I be.

As per my previous blog, Kerry and I are self-isolated now. Kerry stopped training before her gym closed. Way prior to Boris’ statement yesterday.
We were pretty much prepared already and we have two more weeks of shopping turning up in the next couple of days.

I have a little heart warming story for you all.

We decided to top of on a few things at Tesco. It was a bit of a shock, our local Tesco Express in Gateshead was a bit bleak, the shelves were emptying quick. Meat, Pasta, bread and fruit and vege counters are empty. However, Our Asian supermarket across the road had the things that were missing.

Alas… On the way home realised we had forgotten stuff. (Squash, sweets You know essentials) so I Just went into our local corner shop. ‘Johns’ it’s known as locally. John is an Indian man who lost his wife to cancer a few years ago. Loved locally.
I grew up with his kids. Playing in the street together. Saw them at school etc. Although they’re a few years younger than they were, I still got to know John and Sheila (their parents, the shop owners). Since my family moved to Gateshead in the 90’s.

When I walked in the shop picked up a few things and he stopped me and said.
“You!!! You touch nothing in this shop. You’re too ill to be out. What are you doing out? What do you want? What did you come in for?”
I quickly put down my stuff on the counter and I told him what I’d come in for and updated him on my current progress with Chemo/Radiotherapy.
He got his son to get the stuff I needed and they put it all in a bag for me and then paid with my phone.
John then made me take down his number and he said if I needed anything that I am to ring and he will deliver it to our door.
The shop is only 30 seconds walk away (I live on the corner of Eastbourne Avenue, his shop is on the corner of Westbourne Avenue, his shop and my house basically back onto each other.)
I was so humbled by this. Near at the point of tears. I collected my stuff and headed for the door. He joked if I need anything, and don’t wanna call just shout and he’d hear me.

Anyone that knows me knows I could speak in my normal speaking voice and he’d hear me. Christ the dead can hear me.

So there, it’s not all doom and gloom, or at least. It hasn’t descended into it completely yet.

I really hope everyone is taking the advice and distancing themselves accordingly. It’s time to follow the advice of all of the other countries that are weeks ahead of us in this.

Not just the immuno-compromised. All of you.

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