Treatments 23-28 – R & R – What’s Next?

Well, I did it!

For those of your that didn’t see my facebook post. I did it!
I just completed the 28th and final session of the Chemo-Radiotherapy at the Northern Centre for cancer care @ The Freeman hospital in Newcastle.

When you complete a treatment at the Freeman NCCC. You are encouraged to “Ring the bell”

I rang it, I rang it loud!

I put on the post, ‘This was the single-handedly, the worst experience of my life’ and that I am unsure if I could actually go through the exact same treatment again. I pretty much want to expand on that.

What I mean is, If prescribed, I would HAVE to go through another treatment. I know I would have to do it, but if you were to ASK me to do it, or RECOMMEND that I do it. Rather than telling me it was my only option. I would be a firm NO. Yeah, no h*cking thanks mate.

When I first was described the treatment, it’s a different kettle of fish isn’t it? I mean, “We are going to shoot you with this radiotherapy, it’s could cause some inflammation of the skin mind you…”

Now, if you were to be treating my liver right now, I guess I would experience pain in the skin around my midriff, perhaps some blistering etc.
A friend explained during her cancer treatment, that she experienced tanning of her boob and cracking and soreness to the soft tissue of the nipple.


I am being treated with this directly to the soft tissues of the bowel and rectum. Now this does not mean ‘nuuur nuuur, my cancer is worse than X’s cancer’ no no, far from it.

I guess what I am trying to put forward is that, I don’t think I understood that these tissues would become red raw and blistered. I thought, perhaps the (sorry) bum hole would. I would get cracking on the outside.
I didn’t expect the soft tissues inside would be where they’re blistered and cracking whenever they’re moved. Actual blood filled blisters. I couldn’t help moving that skin, you do. Every. Day.

What I meant, this would include:-
Walking, Moving after being stationary for a time, passing your bowel (Pooping), breaking wind *(Yes, nothing is sacred to this bloody cancer)

Then the ones that you don’t think about, like when food is becoming stool and moving it’s merry way down your bowel. That hurts too when it gets low down enough.
Then we have extreme laughter, cough’s and sneezes.
Speed bumps in the car.

Thank god for that cushion that I have and seriously. If anyone you know could benefit from that. Not just cancer, a broken coccyx etc. They’re like… £20 from Amazon. Gift them! They are awesome.

So, this is where we are now. The treatment is over, by that I mean that I am not going to be taking any more chemotherapy or receiving any further radiotherapy treatments. I have completed the cycle. However the effects from the treatment are going to continue for about another two weeks. I am going through my own private hell at the moment. Sadly, there just isn’t anything that anyone can do about this.

Painkiller-wise, I am in good hands, Paracetamol, Tramadol X 2, 4 times a day. Oramorph as and when I need it. My GP, the nurses at hospital, my oncologist, the private nurses all saying the same thing. You take as much as you like.
(I am fully aware of how much they mean, no I am not taking it multiple times in an hour or anything that much, but I am taking it more than 6 times a day at the moment)

Creams and other treatments, I have been using Flamagel for the duration of the treatment. It basically soothes and moisturises the area. Helps to prevent cracking too.
Now I have finished treatment I am using Flamazine, this cream although similar has silver in it and is absorbed into the skin and has all the extra healing properties.
Sadly, the steroid cream Prednisolone and I just couldn’t get along. I guess the tumour and inflammation prevent me from getting the nozzle in and well… The expandable ass foam didn’t work for me.

So treatment-wise, painkillers-wise, I think I am sorted for now and ready for some R & R.

Two weeks from now, I have a CT scan booked in. Four weeks after that, I have an MRI scan. About 48 hours of SC-ANXIETY later and I get to meet with Dr Pedley and we hear the results and discuss next steps.

I received an email from work politely reminding me to get a new fit note. That’s been ordered. I still thought at the start I would be able to do it… What an idiot! I feel like such a letdown for that. I was in such high spirits and full of beans… One treatment later…

Rupert’s been to the vet for his itchy skin. We’re treating that with a 3 pronged attack, specific diet, anti-mite treatment and special shampoo.
He’s in heaven, he gets to have a bath every-other-day right now. Loves a bath that dog. (Meh, who’d blame him, he’s essentially getting a massage from HMS Kerry) if you want more info just ask me or Kerry.

So this is me for… I think the next two weeks for sure.

I haven’t given up or trying to be bleak about it or anything.

I am just in a considerable amount of pain right now.

Poor Kerry. She’s suffering it the worst. She’s is constantly there for me and although I am not shutting her out. There just isn’t anything she can do for me other than shower me with love and get me out of the house during the good times and leave me alone during the bad times. She 100% deserves the accolade that some of you bestow on me. ‘You’re an inspiration’, ‘I couldn’t do it’, ‘You’re so brave’
Well, I’m not… You have to… I repeat, you have to.

But she is to me.

The whole way through this treatment, it was little goals.

If I can just get to the end of this week, I get 2 days off…
3 more weeks to go…
1 more week to go…

Now it’s here, I can just rest and recoup.


and there is always a but with me.

I need to get up and moving again, not today and perhaps not this week but soon. I need to get the blood pumping. I need to get motivated. I need to or I will go mad. Exercise helps the healing process. So lets help the healing process. I imagine slowly slowly catchy monkey but progress.

Going to research if any diet change could help the healing process too. Dairy I imagine?

Anyways. Sitting at my PC even with my cushion isn’t working. I promised I would get a blog out this weekend so I will call it there.

As always, can I ask you to share the word about my blog. If anyone out there even suspects they may have an issue downstairs. You gotta go and see your GP. And when they don’t believe you, you go again and get checked out.

If it could save one person going through what I am going through…

It’d be worth it.


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