3 weeks left – Sleep – The Car – Work?

Today I had treatment number 14 which means I am exactly half way through. It’s now less than 3 weeks of treatment and I couldn’t be happier.

You have to add in 4 actual weekend days too extending the actual time to 18 days till I am free.

It hurts now. Not just after the treatment, more like a constant pain I felt back in July of last year. Passing anything is now excruciating. I don’t want to eat anymore. I know what comes a few hours afterwards. However… I have to eat. To not eat on this Chemo would cause even more issues so I have to eat. A piece of toast, before chemo is all I can bear, I tend to want to skip lunch and just eat something for dinner.
I guess low fibre foods is what my brain tells me. It doesn’t really make a difference. Spicy food or no, that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, however I haven’t eaten a phal in a couple of years now and I don’t think I’d like to go that hot. Perhaps that’s my 40’s speaking… Dunno.

Lets face it, I am not exactly going to starve to death in the next 5 minutes am I? I’m like 95KG so I could do to skip a meal or 5.

So I have gone back to using my special cushion when sitting upright. I guess I will have to start bringing it everywhere with me too. I’m not sure if I have ever shown what it looks like:-

Basically, it’s memory foam and comfy, plus you can see what you’re not sitting on.
It’s got a handle… So you can look like a right dickhead when carrying it.

To be honest, If you know anyone that may benefit from this or something similar, it was an Amazon special. I think £25 wasn’t too bad. For when I can be at my computer and as much as DX Racer computer chairs are the absolute height of comfort for us geeky types. It’s too painful to sit in the chair now without the cushion now. Not that I am at my computer much.

Pain is affecting my sleep now. I am one of those types that only wants for about 6 hours sleep. It came in my Late 20’s and never left.
I wake now with the need to go toilet and go through a bit of pain which wakes you to complete awake-ness and nothing like getting up for a pee in the middle of the night. I’m most probably still getting close to the 6 hours. I am also trying my hardest not to get into bad habits like sleeping in the day or staying up till stupid o’clock in the morning.

I had started sleeping on the couch as I didn’t want to disturb Kerry but it’s not doing my back any favours so I am nipping that in the bud. We’d stopped a tradition of evening meal and TV together. I am totally to blame. I started watching other TV and then passing out on the couch. Then not going to bed. Thinking I was going to wake her up coming to bed.
So, it’s a bad habit. You are completely in control of your bad habits. Time to kick the habit.

The Car… Okay, we didn’t really post it all over social media but middle of last week. Some cheeky f*ckers decided to do this to our car:-

Breaking it in the corner and shattering the rear window of the car.
We still needed the car to get around so we covered it in cling film.

The police said it’s never the cars in the middle of the street that it happens to. We do live just a few doors away from a break in the street and parking is first come first served, you get the end sometimes… I guess we’ll have to take their advice. Just… I can’t see it always being an option.

They only got into the boot of the car. They’d have got more if they got onto the back seats, but Kerry’s climbing bag as it was in the boot, they got some sweaty (Sorry babe) climbing shoes that Kerry thought needed replacing anyways.
Annoyingly, it didn’t set the alarm off. I dunno how much you want to look into that.
Sadly, as they took the backpack, so that meant her harness, carabiner and belay device were in there.
You add it all up, then you’ve got to think of all the things that you forget, there would have been her chalk bag, brushes, chalk, liquid chalk, tapes, membership cards, the actual backpack itself.
That and the £100 and something excess Kerry had to pay on the insurance.
What doesn’t make sense to us is that because it’s the Vignale model that glass is privacy glass, you can’t see into the boot. Especially at night.
The ‘PoPo’ informed me that with a bright enough torch you could see in, I think shapes at the most but I suppose when you’re a little scrote walking the streets at night looking to break into a car, beggars can’t be choosers I guess. I doubt they would be carrying torches and elite devices for getting into cars. Just a knife or screwdriver when you’re smashing our the window.

Car wasn’t too far from our window and we heard nothing.

Autoglass to the rescue.

Autoglass repair, autoglass replace. ‘Parently… Have expensive glass? Wait 3 days 😥

You’d love to grab one of them, wouldn’t ya. I doubt they’d give a shit that me and Kerry are going through this cancer thing. Not a chance. Well, thanks prick! We didn’t need this.


How did I think I was going to be able to work on this treatment?

I spoke to my nurses, they’re actually more honest with me. I don’t just mean the Lloyd’s nurses that visit to do blood tests, but the one’s giving me radiotherapy too. Generally, stage IV patients aren’t as lucky as others. It’s not a case of ‘My cancer is worse that X’ or anything of the type.
Everyone’s cancer is different and has to be treated separately. I know that I can’t sit some days, I can’t lay others.

Lets just get through this treatment and see…

It’s going to be all for now. I’m tired after treatment today. I could do with a rest.

Mood: Up, but I just want the treatment to be over.
Pain: 6/10 Doesn’t seem to change, just constant pain.
Appetite: I can eat, but not sure I do.
Weight: 95KG No change since last blog.

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