Scans, Pain and waiting…

I had my CT and MRI scans at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. I also had the chance on one of the days to pop into work. Give them my fit note and discuss the possibility of return.

The scans themselves were uneventful. Just sit on a bed and get scanned. I have received 3 new tattoos. They’re all the size of a pin prick, they are to be used when aligning me and the machines for all of the radiotherapy.

How I managed to get to the grand old age of 42 and never have a tattoo still amazes me. I always said I would get one, but I never found the tattoo I always wanted. Well, now I have three. One below the navel and one on each hip.

So…. Sadly, I have noticed an increase in pain. It started off small, but as time moved on it been building and building.
The pain is not localised to my tumour location. It’s in my lower back too. I get it mostly when I sleep, I wake up because of the pain. This vexes me as I am a really light sleeper anyways, I don’t need a great deal of sleep. I’m quite happy with 6 hours. However, 6 hours I ain’t been getting 😥

Until recently, I had all but stopped taking Tramadol and Paracetamol too, however since the pain started to return. I have started taking them again. I hate that all I seem to do is flood my body with pills but what’s a guy gonna do?
I do also have Oramorph if the pain gets too much. I haven’t had to reach for the bottle but it’s there should I need it.

So re: the pain.
Sitting isn’t as comfortable as it was, but it’s not painful to sit. I notice the pain more. Speed bumps in the car. Letting yourself crash into the sofa rather than sitting etc

I wasn’t using the cannabis resin over Christmas due to funds, but I had a really good Christmas and I am back using it again. It does wonders for dulling the pain. I feel it but it’s not stopping me from doing much. I have declined going climbing just once or twice of recent. However I wouldn’t say I am in agony or anything. Mild discomfort.

So, I had become really relaxed with my diet, I have let weight cascade back on. I haven’t been counting a single calorie since well before Christmas and I have gone from sneaking the odd bit of meat back into my diet to down right taking the piss.

So the plan as of today is to re-cut red meat out of the diet, cut down on sugar and dairy. I will still eat fish as I had done previously but start to take care of what I am putting in me.

I am cutting out a high percentage of dairy intake but I make allowances for it as an ingredient, we already cut cow milk out of our diet years ago. We use plant milks and I am fine with that.

I had done this originally, similarly to me cutting out my smoking of both tobacco and cannabis. However as I mentioned, I’d slipped.

Now… I’d hate to think the pain coming back has been caused by my eating habits or not taking the cannabis resin. But then I think, well… maybe it could be. All I know is I am back taking everything as I should (or not eating) and time will tell.

I was on the phone with Aviva today and just checking in. I must admit that this is something I haven’t been doing. The lady on the ‘Aviva Oncology’ line was lovely. She explained it’s not something that comes as a surprise. She explained I have enough on my plate at the moment. Had they needed anything from me, they would have been in contact.
She did explain that the two scans I had last week should have been performed at the Nuffield and not at the Freeman Hospital. A quick email to Ian Pedley’s secretary to make sure I don’t make that mistake in the future. They said it would be okay though.

It’s the 21st today and I have another 8 days until the radio-chemotherapy begins. It’s tough all the waiting around. I made jokes at work when I saw everyone that “I have completed Netflix” and although I have completely hammered through a lot of TV shows. I couldn’t have come close.

I’d played the odd video game here and there. Still, I have YouTube to keep me company too.

Mood: Bored but I feel things are progressing.
Pain: 5/10 waiting for the pain relief to kick in.
Appetite: Fine, I am eating.
Weight: 94KG (A huge jump but I am aware of it and dealing)

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