Completed MDT – Decision Time – Vote

This morning I had my phone call with Omer Aziz from the Christie.

Omer is of the opinion that we should not go straight for surgery as there is a high possibility of them missing something. For better words, they would want the cancer to be under better control before pushing for the operation.

The MDT agree that the right seminal vesicle is suspect as that the tumour in the rectum is low, near the floor of the bowels.

The Christie think that a long course of Radio-chemotherapy would be the best course of action and that it could lead to me not having to have the permanent stoma.

(However, I am not getting my hopes up, it still could mean this)

It would mean, that Omer would refer me to one of the Christie, a Mark Saunders. Whether the treatment would be performed locally or not-so-locally, that has yet to be decided. As Mark and Omer are located in Manchester, it does also mean a road trip to Manchester. However, that does mean we can get a climb in at The Climbing Depot in Manchester, nothing like a good climb to clear your head after heavy news.

Oh and we fell in love with a restaurant called Bundobust , it’s Indian street food and it’s amazing. So if you’re gonna make the pilgrimage to Manchester, then why not eh?

I was asked if I want to go NHS or via my Aviva health insurance. Purely for time alone, I would want this to go via Aviva.

The title alluded to a decision, and yes. I agree with everything suggested by the Christie so far. It makes more sense to me. I feel like no stone has been left un-turned. I feel more at ease.

So, this means I do not need Kerry to Proxy vote for me. I will be there wearing red shall we say?

Please vote, even if you were considering your vote to be a waste. If well all band together, we can end this Tory tyranny.

4 thoughts on “Completed MDT – Decision Time – Vote”

  1. Great news, Big E…errr, Cam }:-)
    And I would love to help you vote out are malignant turd twit…both of them! Bahahaha
    However, being across the pond, working on getting rid of our own malignant turd twit…
    See also: f’ing moron
    See also: Adolf Twitler
    See also: Comrade Cheetolino


  2. Hi Cam.
    I have been given a link to your site and have read it with sadness but also hope. Suffice it to say you and your family are in our prayers.
    Best wishes for the next steps and I hope you have a happy christmas.
    Donald Page


    1. Well… Fancy seeing you here. Thanks to whichever Swiftie gave you the link. I hope to come back in early January. I can work and be on Chemotherapy together. I just have to convince Swiftpage of this.
      Thanks for the love Donald, Happy Christmas to you and yours too


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