Second, Second Opinion – Tree’s up – Birthday – Hair

I am to have my last ‘second opinion’ tomorrow morning. This would be Omer Aziz at the Christie in Manchester. I wouldn’t expect their opinion to differ from the other two I have received already. However I have been wrong in the past. I know that we’re cutting it fine. Today being the 3rd of December and my surgery is scheduled for the 10th, but needs must.

After having the second opinion from the Care Oncology clinic in London I feel a lot better about going ahead with the procedure. However, like I said. I’ve been wrong in the past.

I know that I may have touched on this in a previous blog but I am quite ready both mentally and physically to get back to work. Before the meeting with surgery and pushing forwards with the surgery I had contacted my manager at work, I was going to arrange going in and having a meeting with HR and her to arrange my phased return.
Clearly, this is now going on pause. However, as soon as I have recovered from the operation next week. I want to press forwards with my return.

I have chemotherapy on the horizon, somewhere or rather, somewhen but I am no longer on it at the moment. I think even at its worst, I would not be able to have 100% attendance at work. I would need a couple of days at the minimum a fortnight. However I would need to know how receptive work would be to the idea.

My company have been amazing with me throughout the whole of this ordeal. I continue to be amazed by them. However, they are NOT a charity and that fact keeps me very grounded. I love my job and I don’t want to mess it up.

So let’s get this operation, Christmas and new year out of the way. Get me recovered and GET ME BACK TO WORK!

Speaking of Christmas, we put our tree up

Yes, It’s rather round – Yes I am watching Star Trek TNG

It feels a little more Christmas-ey at home. I know that there’s a high possibility that I will spend Christmas in hospital this year, being that the operation is on the 10th. However, as we have tickets booked @ Everyman Cinema for ‘The Last Jedi’ on the 19th. I should very much like to make that film. Not like I haven’t been excited all year for this?

Today is my 42nd Birthday. I’m being taken out tonight by Kerry and my mates to my favourite restaurant in Newcastle ‘Dojo
I love everything Japanese as you’ll all know, I am made up that everyone is excited for the meal tonight and we’re all discussing what we’re going to order tonight. I’m most probably going to panic order but I have got a plan.

I’ve put together a few ideas in a message on my phone in case I do have to panic order.

Kerry is taking me to see Le Mans tomorrow too. Not a film for her but I think she may like it. We will see but she’s surprised me loads in the past.
I’ve heard a few good reviews so I can’t wait.

I’m going to wrap this blog up as I knew starting it I only wanted it to be a short one. So I am going to finish on a high note.

Hair, I am pleased to report that I am shaving again. It was a nice distraction not having to shave yer face every. bloody. day but I had begun to somewhat miss it.
The hair on my head is back too, well, not back to it’s 1990’s flowing mane and I am not sure I would want that. Perhaps for a few hours but meh,

Laughably, my other body hair hasn’t started to grow back, where they shaved my chest for the port, or when they did it for an ECG. I am still… Well shall we say patchy


Mood: Chipper, It’s my Birthday so lets just say happy.
Pain: Not feeling any today
Appetite: I am going to eat my own weight in Japanese food today.
Weight: A lot less than it is going to be tomorrow.

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