Fit-note – Appointments – Pains etc

Well, today was nearly a total disaster. I have a CT Scan at 18:30 *(At the time of writing it’s 14:00) today and I had it in my diary for 11:00 and I thought I had missed it. However my colleague Andrea from Swiftpage sent me a gentle email reminder today that my current fit-note is due to expire tomorrow and I should get on with my doctor and get a replacement.
Thanks Andrea as it had TOTALLY slipped my mind, I opened my calendar and there staring me in the face was the CT Scan.
I did have something in my calendar for it but I guess I snoozed it I didn’t get any reminder. As we both use Gmail, I copy most appointments to Kerry’s calendar too. Not this time though,
Anyways, Thanks to Andrea bringing this to my attention I had the fear of god that I’d missed my CT Scan. Quick phone call and I had put it in my diary incorrectly and I don’t need to run to the hospital yet. Whilst I was on the phone with the Q.E. I did double check my MRI and that’s still happening too.

So basically, this week and next can absolutely DO ONE for hospital trips.

I’m in:-

  • Today (CT Scan with Dye should take an hour)
  • Saturday (MRI scan – Should take an hour)
  • Tuesday (Port connection and blood tests – Should take an hour)
  • Wednesday (Chemotherapy – Takes approximately 5-7 hours)
  • Thursday (Meeting with NHS Oncologist – 20 minutes if I am lucky)
  • Friday (Chemotherapy disconnection – 5 minutes tops)

I could moan, you’d think I would but it’s not so bad really and in honesty, I am looking forward to seeing if we have made any headway with the chemotherapy for any of my metastasised cancer. I think that we’re going to see progress. I know that the mass in the bowel has reduced in size. So lets see.

Oh and I know you’ll ne’er believe this in a month of Sundays but, I went online on my GP’s website. I selected routine appointment at surgery and got a same day appointment. For like today…

Legend has it that it were possible. I just always thought it was codshit!

So, I’ll call in, get a fit-note renewal, then head off to hospital a few hours later. I am sure I can cram in getting a haircut. I mean, I say haircut but de-fuzzing would be a better description in my humble opinion.

In my previous blog I had explained that round 5 of chemo wasn’t the greatest, I have had a noticeable increase in pain, bit of blood and basically having an all round pretty shit time of it recently.

Not much more to report on that I’m sorry to say. I have been off food again, I’m drinking okay and I am getting my pain killers on time. I really have to be more on the ball about that.
The cause of the issue I put down to sleeping through your pain medication reminder, it shouldn’t is not an ‘excuse’, it’s got an alarm and I was just being lazy and due to this, I missed a good 8 hours of pain medication that I know that I cannot stand to be without. I will just have to be more on the ball with this in future.

I am a little better than I was a couple days ago but I feel like it’s a complete regression from how I was after session #3 or #4. I’ll continue to monitor everything.

My climbing buddies, me and Kerry are off to the cinema tomorrow so see what this new Joker film is all about.
I really rate Joaquin ‘Leaf’ Phoenix as an actor, I’ve always had a lot of time for him. I was a massive River Phoenix fan as a kid, if you know the back story of the ‘Bottom’ Family, you’d know that they all turned out to be amazing actors and actresses in the Phoenix family. Summer, Rain, Leaf and River all made it in show business, but each of them would be entitled to be f**ked up human beings because of their up bringing.
I digress, I hope it’s going to live up to the hype. Plus, friends, pop corn and films… What’s not to like?

I’d best go get ready for this G.P. appointment.

Thanks for reading everyone, please keep emailing in questions if you have them, like the blog posts you do like and subscribe to the blog means I won’t keep having to do Facebook posts when I post. I know it’s a lot to ask. However a share really does get me noticed a bit more and I just want the world to see cancer through my eyes. If it helps just 1 person more, then it was totally worth it.

Mood: Worried they are going to use a cannula today when giving me the dye.
Pain: 3-4/10 – Much less blood. Taken breakthrough pain medication 3 X in 48 hours
Appetite: Due to cannabis, I am eating, zero appetite
Weight: 196 lbs 89 KG 14 St

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