The pain came back.

It’s been a long time since I have reported pain, but sadly. It’s returned.

Although, I notice this more as a dull ache down there, I noticed the blood returned again too. I haven’t changed my diet, pills or anything recently. I just notice that the pain jumped up a little. It’s something I have been monitoring for about a fortnight to a month. I wasn’t ignoring it, just monitoring it.

I have both a CT scan and an MRI next week. Thursday and Saturday respectively. Then I have a follow up appointment with my NHS oncologist. He will feedback to my private oncologist and the complementary oncology drug providers in London. As I have said all along, I am happy to go with the flow if they’re all in agreement which they have been, however if my private oncologist starts recommending a different course of treatment, then we will have to listen and assess once we’re there.

It marks pretty much a 3 month period of chemotherapy now. 5 full sessions, the day I meet with my NHS oncologist is actually the day between connection and disconnection for session 6.

At this time, I am more interested in what the cancers in my lungs are doing, I didn’t expect the bowel side of anything to have changed, the chemotherapy wasn’t really going to do anything but all of the other things, seem to have been making a difference. Pain went down, blood stopped, passing wasn’t an issue etc

But like I say, it’s started to be a problem again…


So that’s where I am up to at the moment. I am not doing a facebook post for this blog. It was just a quick update.

Mood: Anxious – Worried about the blood.
Pain: 3-4/10 – Blood is back. Passing hurts. Needing to medicate
Appetite: I can eat.
Weight: 198 lbs 89 KG 14 St

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