New Phone, trip to Work and MacMillan

Today is a bitter sweet day. I finally retired my iPhone 7 Plus 32 gb.

Ah old friend, I didn’t even buy you, I bought an iPhone 7 and dropped it at work and smashed the screen, it was an insurance blunder that landed me with the iPhone 7 plus. However due to your age, I wasn’t really getting more than half a days usage before needing to charge it again, my phone would be the next phone not to get the new iOS updates. So I figured it was time.

Kerry had just upgraded herself. I got to handle the phone before I put my own order in. I was amazed that o2 recycle offered me £175 for my old iPhone so I put myself into a new contract. I put £250 into the contract myself. A little bit of savings plus the recycle money, it means that although my monthly costs have gone up a bit, I will have the phone paid off within the 2 year contract.

iPhone 11.

So I decided that the iPhone 11 Pro wasn’t needed and I will wait until next year if anything to decide if I need anything further. I’ll get a super trade in for a year old apple product. I think Kerry got £400 for her X when she traded it in. So yeah… If an upgrade is needed I can’t see it though, I am super happy with it.

You know when you get a new phone and it’s like everything is new again? Yeah well that. I am super happy I even bought a new case for it. Screen protector fitted by them there genius’ at the store.

As I have been feeling a lot better of recent with my chemotherapy and something working, I knew that work were doing a big thing for my chosen charity MacMillan, I thought I’d surprise everyone by just turning up at work. This would also be my first trip out of the house on my own that wasn’t a direct taxi to the hospital.

Well, I thought it best to wrap up, it bloody pissed it down the whole way but it was only a metro ride (For my Yank mates and anyone not from Newcastle. The ‘Metro’ is our subway system.) We’re so lucky to live in a city that has such good public transport and I know we complain about it, however you should try living in Norwich and you then tell me the Metro/public transport is shite. The ground in Norwich literally eats busses.

Anyways, I put the new Blink 182 album on and set off. I decided that I would walk the 15 minutes from my house to Gateshead, then get the metro all the way to Four Lanes end where I work and walk the 15 minute rest of the way.
It’s a journey I do every day I don’t ride my MTB into work and yes I haven’t done the walk in a couple of months, but it was nice to have the sun on my face (Yes mum, I put my sun block on, even though it was raining)

I arrived at work about 14:00 and I tried my hardest not to be an emotional bag of arse!

Yeah lasted all of about 10 seconds, I think I was only in tears about half a dozen times. It was super emotional. We’re a close bunch at work, I am in a team of about 25 and I would say we’re all close.

After a few ribcage crushing hugs I couldn’t keep the tears in and once you start… Yeah.

On Friday’s my company Swiftpage has a thing called ‘FAC’ or Friday Afternoon Club. You get an extra 20 minutes break (On top of your existing breaks) to have a beer and chew the cud with your work mates, I haven’t worked anywhere else that has something similar. I knew that this was going to be the best day to come into work and not cause a commotion, or basically stop people from working. I am sure my manager Deb will attest to me still causing a commotion 🙂

My office is open plan and thankfully doesn’t have dividers, we’re on separate POD’s of 4 desks, albeit mine only has 3 people on it, and 1 less when I am not there.
I know that you all know that my voice can carry like crazy.
I got a lot of feedback on my visit that I was too quiet and that I do know how to be quiet.

I guess the cats out of the bag now!

Swiftpage were doing a MacMillan Coffee morning like a lot of companies on Friday and I really didn’t take any photos of the cakes my lot all made but I will tell you that there was such an abundance of cake, and for once… not all chocolate!

Special shout outs go to Darren’s rainbow cake and Aurore’s cheesecake.


Whoever made the carrot cake… You know my Achilles! It was so good!

I wish I had planned my visit a little better, for all I only stayed a couple of hours it just wasn’t enough time to speak to everyone. I was so conscious of the time, I didn’t get to spend it with my POD mates Dan and Eddie. I miss their craic the most. Either Danny misusing a big word and Eddie and I cringing to death or Eddie and his shite luck with getting the most complex of tech issues within minutes of a lunch break or shift end.
I miss it you know? I miss work. I feel like there’s a chance I could start work again as the pain doesn’t bother me but the emotions I just can’t keep in check.

Like at all, I cried at a Facebook video for 20 minutes straight the other night. Some stupid turtle got trapped on a beach and people were helping to get it back in the ocean. I would have happily given my last pound to help save it… Suffice to say they did and I could be happy again.

So, how’s that going to work in my line of work when angry customer screams and shouts? (They do, it’s a hazard of the job)
I’ve worked in tech and customer services since leaving being a chef in the very early 2000s so it’s all I know other than cooking and cheffing.

It’s something I would like to discuss further with work as I feel I could be doing something. Even the odd day… It’s effing boring at home you know.

As it was Friday, Kerry asked me to meet her at a local restaurant called Scream for Pizza. Pizza in our house is Fridays and Friday’s are for Pizza. I challenge anyone to a better pizza in the Newcastle area but I doubt you can.

We got home from the restaurant at about half six. I then promptly passed out and slept right through till about 03:00 in the morning.

So that’s where we’re at at the moment. I have chemo in like 3 days. My anxiety is up a bit knowing it’s soon. We usually have a meal out with my Kerry or with mates before the chemo. You know the last meal of the condemned man?

Some of my mates are in Amsterdam at the moment and they will get back in time for a meal before chemo as we need to celebrate someone landing a job. (*Well done Emma)

I really wish I could have spent more time with my colleagues. Everyone said not to leave it so long before I visit again, I figure, I’ll give it another chemo session and I’ll pop in again. If I ever have to visit the Freeman hospital and given it’s proximity to work. I’d pop in there. However I mainly use the hospitals south of the river and don’t get the chance.

A few people have asked me to describe the feeling of chemotherapy as I see it in person.

On the next blog I do, I’ll take some videos or pictures. I’ll timestamp and give you a run down of the whole process.


Mood: A little anxious about chemo but feeling better.
Pain: 3/10 I am still monitoring, no more blood however.
Appetite: No issues, I can eat fine at the moment
Weight: 198 lbs 89 KG 14 St

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