Time for session 4

Well, I am pleased to report that for the last 12 days since the last Chemotherapy disconnection I have been well, great really.

In previous blogs I have said how I felt something is working and I am still there right now.

I didn’t sleep a wink last night, it’s nerves that’s for sure, that and for some reason Rupert decided to bork really loudly at about 2 am before I finally tried to go to bed and then 5 am, why? I will never know. Perhaps it was the bedroom door being closed and he wanted in, we’ll never know.

So, when you can’t sleep you do what most men do and have a wan…

…der around the house, make a cup of tea…

and make Chilli oil. (wait what?)

Yes folks, I made Chilli oil and Sichuan pepper oil.

I had all of the ingredients in, I really didn’t want to do this after chemo so it made sense in my mind to do it at about 06:00-08:00 today.

It does also mean that We now have our ‘Ma and La’ or hot oil and numbing oil sorted for the next 6-12 months. If you eat as much South-East Asian food as we do, you know this will get hammered.

Infusion of Japanese Gyoza and Chinese chilli oil. I love it.

And erm… chilli oil improves most things 🤤

Other than that. I paced round the house. Did the dishes for once. Put the bins out for once and basically did everything I could think of to take my mind off the fact that I am going in for Chemotherapy again today.
It sucks because it *COULD* be another couple weeks of fine.
It *COULD* be an absolute nightmare like it has been in the past.

I am not letting my guard down. I’ve taken all my pills like a good boy. I’ve got to jump in the shower before heading off but I really just can’t be arsed with this…

Uch! That not knowing feeling.

If you want any recipe’s or to be talked through how to make your own chilli oil or hot infused oils let me know and I’ll bang something together for you.

Mood: Fed Up, tired and anxious.
Pain: 2-10 none so to speak. Pain really hasn’t been a thing in a while.
Appetite: I’ve eaten some toast but meh, not especially hungry today.
Weight: 192 lbs 87 KG 13.6 St.

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