Fundraising, Haircuts and Hats

Yesterday was a big day for myself and Kerry. It was the day we had chalked up to be the ‘Brave the Shave‘ day.

Before I continue with the blog I feel I need to make something clear.

Some people out there do not support brave the shave and say it isn’t their place to do this. I am not part of that camp. I can see their point of view, I do not share it.

If you don’t understand the premise, it’s usually friends and family of cancer sufferers/survivors that are choosing to shave part or all of their head to raise money for a cancer charity called MacMillan.
MacMillan are a cancer support network that helped me from my initial diagnosis and have provided me continued support. I didn’t ask for help originally but they were there from the second I needed them before I even knew I needed it. They continue to help me now.

Kez and I had always agreed that she’d let me know when I was losing my hair, this was even prior to cancer. (She told me yesterday that she thought she was about a year away from telling me I’d started to lose it)
However, I had started noticing the hair loss. My pillow case in the morning, after a shower, I could run my hand through my hair and pull an alarming amount out with zero effort.
Kerry also said if I lost my hair due to the chemotherapy she would do it with me. She and I share truly everything.
She never said a head shave. Her best mate and general all round nice bloke Stu Farnaby sports a Mohican and that’s something Kerry said she’d like to do too.

Kerry and I had been on a hunt for a new salon for years now. Somewhere that deals with hipsters, rockers and alternative types.
She’s been jumping from salon to salon, I was using a local Turkish barbers. Both of us just suffering what we ended up with, but I am pleased to say. We’ve found our forever-salon now.
Though I suspect, I may not be getting many salon haircuts until my hair grows back.

Seriously, we have never felt so at home in a salon since Savannah salon-spa disappeared up it’s own arsehole circa 2014.

The Boilerhouse staff are really welcoming and made an absolute spot on cuppa tea too 🙂
The first 10-15 minutes was just spent discussing the brave the shave, our constant search for a stylist that will cut Kerry’s hair as curly and not send her home with a straightened bob of frizz.

Hope (The Stylist) discussed in great detail with Kerry that Yes she could give Kerry a complete under-shave/cut etc but because Kerry’s hair has thinned over the years, although in curly abundance, her hair is actually really fine. It was going to look very wispy. Growing it back in if she decides to would be a nightmare too.
She and Kerry formulated the plan to cut Kerry’s hair as normal and then to shave the side and nape of her neck on one side, the side her hair naturally parts on. We could then discuss more afterwards if required.

Obligatory… Getting washed.
The cut complete. The shave about to begin…
Bzzzzzzzzzzt… Gooooooing…

It was decided that this is Kerry’s do now and I. Love It!
Feedback so far from our closest and family that provided a cheeky preview for has been excellent.
Kerry did fully expect to take more off, she discussed with me later over lunch that she hoped that no one would feel cheated or anything of the like.

I politely requested she ‘shut her fuck’ as I am super proud of her.
She tried to silence me saying anything about the near tears she was in as we drove over from Gateshead. So no, I’m not going to go on about it okay?

We then were completely humbled again by Boilerhouse. Hope offered to take what was left of my hair off and again, sat us down to discuss the process.
A zero guard, I would hate. Most probably anything she did I would hate initially.
You will have most likely to have known me with hair down to my bum, A pony tail or punky spikes in my hair and highlights… So many many highlights.
I knew I would hate shaving my head. I do dislike it but it is (Or not, har har) growing on me.

Doesn’t look too bad you all said
Going in the middle and the back, I agree I was getting a sun roof but it’s so thin! I can see my scalp through the hair and in my opinion, that’s patchy.
So there ya go. Cam sans hair.

I believe it is a #1 sides and back and #1.5 on top. I’m sure it’ll go shorter as time moves along but I am ever so grateful for their time at the Boilerhouse Ouseburn.
I had fully expected to go to Ali’s on Coatsworth Road, have them shout loudly to each other in Turkish and then for me to give them a tenner like I always do regardless of me liking the haircut or not.

Then we went to pay the bill. Hope explained that my haircut was done pro bono, and further that they reduced Kerry’s cut with a 20% reduction. The proviso that Kerry donate the money saved on their behalf. Yes certainly and more importantly, thank you very much Hope and all of the staff at Boilerhouse Ouseburn.

You may also notice that Kerry donated £50 of her own money. In my opinion she’s done enough but as she constantly tells me:-
Stop Effing telling me what do do Cam!
I know that she believes in donating what she can to a noble cause is no punishment or penance. Alike Ricky Gervais, Kerry usually donates her monies to animal related charities.

I know a lot of people have requested to send cheques and will be making payments on payday. The link doesn’t expire as far as I know, however I will check with Kerry. I’ll update this post if it does.

Now, Kerry isn’t the only one to brave the shave and I want to do another shout out for one of my oldest friends Catherine (Cat) Cornforth is also braving the shave.

She is raising on my behalf as well as the memory of Pete ‘Duff’ Duffy. One of our oldest friends. Cruelly taken from us aged 31. This year marks the tenth year he’s gone. Still missed.
Currently Cat is £200 off her target of £500 and still has a couple of weeks to go. Perhaps your payday may click over in the next couple of weeks. I’d be grateful if anyone who was going to donate, may help Cat hit her target.

I am still feeling a hell of a lot better than previous weeks. I have 6 more days until my next chemo session and it does look like I am going to have some semblance of normality. We have a cinema trip planned to go and see IT part 2. Most of you know I suffer the worst coulrophobia, I managed to watch Part 1 again last night so Kerry’s dad would be able to ‘enjoy’ the film tonight. I will most probably sh*t my pant like I did last night and smile as Kerry is giggling through the film and secretly laughing at me.
We plan to head to Beamish Museum on Saturday. We won’t take Rupert with us as we want to go on all the attractions. I may even go down the mine. Haven’t done that in years. I’m looking forward to seeing if they have made any progress with the 1950’s/Post War town yet.

Kerry’s dad goes home on Sunday and then I think Donald my brother is the next one to come stay. Looking forwards to that I will say.

Pain Today: 2-3/10 A little more than yesterday, just in the bowel
Mood Today: Upbeat. Ready to walk a pupper and cinema tonight 🙂
Appetite Today: I ate breakfast, bit of heartburn today 😦
Weight Today: 190 lbs 86 KG 13.5 St.

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