Getting a haircut, brb

Well, this recent round of feeling suspiciously well continues and long may it. We went climbing yesterday but I could only manage two 5+ warm up climbs and sadly, hadn’t the energy to climb another. Chris from Climb Newcastle is a stellar bloke and came to speak to me again, his encouragement is amazing and I hardly know the man.
As I mentioned in previous Facebook status’ I am not over-doing it, I am not climbing anything above a 6a Rating. This is something Chris and I agreed on. If I feel I can’t climb down if I climbed any higher then I would stop at that point and climb down.
Yesterday Kerry, Her Dad Joe and I took Rupert for a walk in Ousebrough Woods on the border of County Durham and Gateshead. It basically right near Beamish Museum(If you haven’t been then h*cking well go). I like to think it’s one of Rupert’s favourite walks. 100% Snore time when he gets home, but it’s also one of my favourite walks, dubbed ‘Narnia’ by Kerry this one. You could get very lost very quickly in these woods but as I say, you can hear the museum from most places on the walk so you’re never going to be that lost. It’s not the longest of walks we go on, this one I recon is about 3 miles.
I think I actually used up all my energy on the walk, but when we came home I was starving hungry and made myself some Gyoza and Kerry went off to the gym. (and she got a P.B. on the viking press @ 70KG) So this I think contributed to the fact I could only climb two climbs.

Well like I mentioned, I am taking it easier with climbing, I know I have neither the muscle mass nor energy levels I had 3 months ago.

Okay, so today is the day. I’ve mentioned this in multiple blogs previously and I promise not to go on about it too much in this one but today is the day I cut my hair off. It bothers me more than you’d think. I got to 41 years old without really losing my hair. I thinned as much as your average middle-ager but it’s taking the piss now. Every shower, every morning I wake up there’s piles to clear up. 5FU isn’t really a chemotherapy a lot of people completely lose their hair on but I have thinned so much I look (to myself) like I need to take it all off.

As you will all know, Kerry said she’d be with me every step of the way. She is going for a shaven sides and possibly back, but a radical haircut all the same. As of 11:00 11/09/2019 she has raised £740 of her £300 target for MacMillan’s Brave the Shave
Both Kerry and I have been utterly humbled by the generosity of you all. I can tell you that MacMillan are not a faceless cancer charity where you’re paying for bigwig wages. Kerry has raised enough for a sh*t ton of wigs for patients or nurses wages.
MacMillan have helped me along the way, from my initial finding out and with support calls. I even need them now as they’re helping me with my application for some ongoing help too. It seems fitting that we can return the favour too.

With Kerry’s permission. I will post an image of both of us. I know I am not going to get along with a shaved head instantly, and it’s going to be beanies, bandannas and baseball caps (I told you I love alliteration) but if I can, I may even post a pic of me sans hair. It’ll be easier if I can make a laugh out of it.

Anyways. 13:00 approaches and I am never going to get a haircut if I am procrastinating to you lot.

Photo of hair loss for context.

Pain: 2-10 Completely managed
Mood: Terrified but excited.
Appetite: I managed breakfast no problems. There was talk of cake later
Weight: 190 lbs \ 86 KG \ 13.5 St.

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