A bit of consistency please?

Okay, so I am Chemotherapy + 5 days and I still feel way better than I (feel) should be. However, over the last 48 hours. Nausea has kicked in a bit more. Metallic taste in my mouth and feeling grotty.
Initially I was elated to start feeling so normal this close to a Chemo connect/disconnect and still not letting my guard down, but then I woke again feeling like death warmed up. Unmotivated!

I’m still sticking to the same plan:-

  1. Wake
  2. Anti-sickness and Gastro-Resistant pills first.
  3. Something to eat.
  4. wait an hour and take pain killers and other pills and crack on.

It does seem to be working but I just can’t kick this nausea and all round rank feeling. I mean… In fairness, you are on Chemotherapy you wanker, you’re not going to be feeling like running the Great North Run are ya?

(Side note: Congratulations to all my mates who ran, raised money etc. Proud of the lot of you)

It’s just that, I got up this morning, I felt like I could go for a climb, nothing amazing, just a few 5+ – 6a if I was feeling it. That’s how I was feeling.
However move the clock forwards a couple of hours and I had to motivate hard just to walk Rupert down the road to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions. I did go but I swear it took me a good hour to pluck up the courage.

And that’s it really. Can I just not feel that little bit better? Please?
If I felt today the same as I did on Saturday and Sunday I would gladly be discussing some way of working again or something you know? It’s doing my head in not knowing how I am going to be feeling 24 hours ahead.

So what have I been up to then?

We had planned to grab a bubble tea from our favourite place at the bottom of Westgate hill. No such luck, they’re closed for a refurbishment. Then whilst walking to HiYou supermarket, found out that iNoodle, the one go to place for hand pulled noodles is now a chuffing buffet restaurant. So that’s shite too. I’ve heard nothing, I only peered in the window. Will reserve judgement but, it ain’t gonna be good as a buffet restaurant will it? Well anyway, we when and got supplies for the coming weeks. Loads of veggie and prawn Gyoza and some ingredients later. We decided to head for the zoo.

Just up the A1, is Northumberland County Zoo, you may know the place as Eschottheugh Farm Park, but it moved on since then, there’s way more to see and do there. If you plan your visit a bit better than we did (thanks for the info Mr Reeve) you can actually feed the animals too.

Kerry and I have been coming here for about 10 years now. We have our favourites, mine would be Le Skunk and the trash pandas. Kerry loves the big dopey Lynx and the Capybara. I managed to walk the whole place plus the dog walk that day and I can remember being tired enough for bed by midnight and slept the whole night through.

Mood Today: Bit exasperated to be honest.
Pain Today: 3-4/10 Managed but more than I have been feeling.
Appetite Today: I was able to eat, just nauseous between meals
Weight: 190 lbs \ 86 KG \ 13.5 St

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