Second round wiped me out

I know this is going to become a regular occurrence but again thank you to everyone that contacted me via social media, text or WhatsApp. I know you all get concerned when I am not blogging but as the title alludes, this round of chemotherapy absolutely wiped me out.

How have I been? Well, I’ll take ‘Death Warmed up’ for 400 please Alex, (one for my Yanky Doodles)
The chemotherapy wiped out my ability to keep food and water down. This will make a lot more sense later in the blog.
So as you may or may not know. You can last without food for days, even a week, but you are sure as shit not going to make it more than a day without water.
You. Will. Crash!
So because I couldn’t eat or drink, I also couldn’t regulate my temperature either. Now for those outside of the UK, we just had a mini heatwave. I ended up just hiding from the sun, I refused all offers to leave the house and I couldn’t really sleep either. Due to me being dehydrated, my kidneys started to hurt too. This started to give me a hecking concern and made me call the support line.

Usually when I am just disconnected from Chemo and the following few days I am pretty much is a sickness and diarrhea coma and I am housebound for a good 4-5 days and then I get a few days of normality before getting connected again. This didn’t happen this time. I was plus 6 days and I still couldn’t hold down water more than the occasional sip.

I *should* have contacted them 24 hours after having these feelings, *not* 4-5 days afterwards. I had been holding off because of British reasonings.
Its the bank holiday weekend for crying out loud. Nurses deserve the bank holiday too you know. However I don’t want to be a bother but more than anything the reason I didn’t call is because I am not dealing with stress very well right now.
If I am honest, I can also be reduced to tears at the drop of a hat. I would assume yet another chemotherapy side effect or the cosmic cocktail of the drugs I am on. Super bad now, I cried, like seriously wept like a babe with it’s sweets stolen the other day because two people saved a giant turtle on a beach somewhere.
Anyways, I knew that I would turn into an absolute mess on the phone, but as I should say, the kidney pain scared me into calling.
They were really nice, we discussed what had been happening. stress levels, not eating and drinking, S & D, temperature and more than anything the pain in my kidneys.
After a short discussion, it was decided that it would be best to go to Accident and Emergency and get checked out.
I told Kerry and in fairness she scalded me for not calling earlier (She was right) and for doing it right as she was about to eat (again, my bad) I could have done this earlier and it be planned in. When you are a chemo care giver like she is. You have to have a life too. During the time I was too bad to be leave the house. We had made plans to go climbing with mates in Middlesbrough but come the time to actually go, Kerry was sent on her lonesome to have the day off. I slept all day anyway but I have to understand that Kerry needs time off this whole ordeal herself.

I don’t remember too much of the evening but suffice to say, I collapsed on my way into the hospital. I woke up in the recovery position and some random chap had helped Kerry and they even summoned some EMT’s to come and scrape me up off the floor. I had tried to walk the rest of the way and I didn’t make it. I was put into a wheelchair for the rest of the journey.

Due to my illness, I am fast tracked through A & E. It’s just the nature of the beast really. On chemo you can go from Okay to near death due to infection in mere hours. It’s not willy waving by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t relish looking in at the people in A & E who’ve been waiting hours already and I get rushed in before them. Don’t think either that I can’t see the daggers their eyes are throwing either.
Wrapping this up, it wasn’t anything bad, I had to get connected to an IV Drip. They pumped me full of fluids, they tested my bloods and couldn’t see any negative markers. They sent me home a few hours later with some new anti nausea drugs and some advice to keep in touch with the chemo team.

So yeah, lesson learnt and bruised and battered but more so exhausted. I went home and had one of the first full nights of sleep I have have had since… Well since I can’t remember. Most people know I sleep light and I’m good for 5 hours sleep. Last night, I got 8 hours and slept like a fecking rock!

CBD/Cannabis oil – Due to S & D I haven’t been able to take this. I couldn’t stomach the taste which is rank by the way. I hope to get some into my system over the next day or 5 and before I get reconnected. Not that I just want to get a little high, Kerry has been on my case for the medicinal purposes.

What have I been doing? Well, I think sweet Fanny Adams would be the best description. I have watched crap on YouTube that would bore the living hell out of most of you. I like to watch people restore stuff. Cars, old trucks, Sail Boats and old hand tools and I have a couple I’d recommend:- Sampson Boat Co, Acorn To Arabella and lastly Bad Obsession Motorsport.
I wish I had 1% of their knowledge of mechanics, carpentry or repair. However I suspect, you’d ask any of them if they know their way around a computer and they wouldn’t. Swings and Roundabouts innit.

So what else has been happening? Oh….

My mates Nicki and Jack just got engaged. It was long time coming, tbh, planned since about the start of the year. He did the right thing being the olde world guy I am, he also asked her father’s permission. It’ll mean nowt to some of you but to me, that was super important. So On Nicki’s birthday, he took her out for a fun filled day, then with a few trip ups (He nearly wrecked her Birthday cake) they went for a picnic at Sycamore gap and asked her.
Well done lad, you did yourself proud.

I’m going to blog about a right Karen in tesco later in the week because I really got super pissed off about it. However I’m done for now lest this blog take 20 minutes to read.

As per, if you could share the blog on any social media, I’d be grateful

Pain Today: None so to speak, 2/10 I know it’s there but its not bothering me.
Mood Today: Tired, bored of the nausea
Appetite Today: I can keep the food down, but zero appetite.
Weight: 186lbs / 13St 2Lbs / 84.4KG

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