This was my first attempt at a ‘meal out with mates’ since the diagnosis. Not gonna lie, was a bit of a disaster for me. Thankfully, Kerry and our mates Emma and Aira enjoyed the night. We went to Lola Jean’s in Newcastle as they’d extended the restaurant week thing going on and we took up the offer. Smaller set menu but £15 a head for 3 courses. (Bargain)

I’ve not got the biggest of appetites at the moment, I went for their cauliflower bites (Basically like chicken wings for veggies) and I went for Louisiana hot sauce on. I managed two whole bites and then I had to go make my excuses because I couldn’t hold it down.
I came back to the table and Kerry said she’s told the waitress to take it away. Not long after the mains turn up. I’d ordered the fish tacos as predicted. I did manage two out of the 3 tacos and I offered the girls the last one.
I don’t have a sweet tooth and rarely order a sweet in a restaurant. Turns out from Kerry and our mates that the chocolate brownie was shite anyways.

I really wouldn’t mind a do over at Lola Jeans another time. Perhaps I’ll leave it 6 months and be off chemotherapy first.

So I think the big thing from the restaurant was that all of the smells of the entire restaurant merged into one. Then when you feel nausea, it’s accumulative, you also get worked up and the more you think about it, the less chance you can come back from it. Bah, I don’t mean to tell you all how nausea works.

I think that me and Kerry have also come to understand that the drug I am taking for my nausea (called: Metoclopramide) should be taken 3 times a day regardless if I am feeling the sick feeling there and then. I have had appetite today all day and have managed to keep my food down.
If I have a repeat day tomorrow. Then I will have cracked it.

I’m not cooking a lot, subsequently we are also not buying in a lot of food right now. It’s better to crave a food. Go out and get it. It means we’re leaving the house.

I’ve managed to walk Rupert couple days on the trot without complaint. I walked the whole outer route of Saltwell Park today without stopping so that’s cool.

Oh totally forgot to say, I got a phone call from the hospital today. They’re fitting my port on Monday morning. How good is that? They must have other surgeons/doctors doing installs. It’s great news for me as I will be ready for my chemo session next week and won’t need any cannulas. This is the biggest weight off my mind right now.

I’m tired for once. I’m gonna go bed.

Pain Today: 3-4/10
Mood Today: Motivated
Appetite Today: I ate 3 meals today
Weight: 190lbs / 86 KG

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