30/07/2019 Glasses, nerves and pain

The last couple of days haven’t been great for the pain, I can’t seem to put my finger on what causes the pain. I don’t think I’ve done anything out of the ordinary. I started to think have you:-

  • Eaten something new
  • Eaten something you shouldn’t
  • Been more active than usual
  • Sat uncomfortably for an extended period
  • Missed your meds or taken them hours late

I’ve got an app on my phone for remembering when to take pills. It’s actually super useful, it’s called MediSafe. If anyone you know is in a similar situation I think it’s totally worth it. You can track your pills throughout the prescription. I need to take X of Pill 1, 4 times a day, Y of Pill 2, 3 times a day et cetera. When you’re programming it, you put in how many pills you have been given and it sets an auto reminder for you to order your repeat prescription. Totally useful for a knacker like me, however sadly, the only thing in the list I could blame myself for the extra pain would be the occasional slip up with not taking the pills on time by an hour or two at the maximum. So, honestly… I don’t know why I have been in so much pain. I know that Kerry is tracking it too, but it’s just been searing pain in the evenings, seems to be after I have eaten but as I say, always in the evenings.
Now, I’m good, I’m like 5-6 out of 10 pain, the pain meds are dealing with it. The CBD oils are dealing with the rest. Ah well, I’ll continue to monitor it.

So, yes. Yesterday I went for an eye test. Kerry’s glorious moment of “I told you so” and she’s got every right. She’s been telling me to go for an eye test for at least a couple of years if not 3.

Well, as it turns out. Yes I need reading glasses. I don’t need them for anything other than reading a book, computer screen, tablet or phone. I don’t need it for TV, driving or any other reason. So fair play, I’m not going to be wearing them 24/7 I am not going to get one of the B.O.G.O.F or Glasses and Prescription Sunshades for one price deals. I’ll just get 1 nice set of frames and I went for a pair of Calvin Klein frames here:-

May be one of the last images of me with hair for a while. If it’s going, I am not going to have it patchy, I’ll just have it shaved to the bone…
How does everyone feel about bandannas? Are they too cliché? I hope not, I’ve heard a lot of people in my situation got skin irritation from baseball caps and beanies. I guess winter will be here when I am having to worry about all of this.

Speaking of worry, I dunno. It’s not worry per se. I am anxious about the treatment sure. Who knows how that’s going to work out? I have watched loads of stuff online about it. No one truly sharing their feelings on the lead up to their starting chemotherapy. Having the PICC line inserted. I mean that’s horrifying, I can’t stand having bloods taken. I could help you sew your own arm back on after an accident but I cannot stand the sight of my own blood. Such… a… fanny! I know, I know. It’s just the way I have always been. Working as a chef for all those years, I cut myself all the time, I could deal with that better than I can deal with the sight of blood coming out of a needle in my arm. #PukeFace

Anyways, what do you think of my cheapskate Atari T-shirt? They’ve got them in Primark for like a fiver. Worth!


Pain Today: 6/10
Mood Today: Motivated / Sore from yesterday and the day before
Appetite Today: I ate breakfast and some toast in the afternoon so far today. No issues.
Weight: 201lbs / 91 KG (fluctuating, but stable)

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