Eye test tomorrow


I can’t tell you this wasn’t long time coming.

I work with a computer all day long, I use a computer most evenings. Kerry can drag me off the internet, we may watch some TV. So by old wives tales, my eyesight should be buggered non?

I guess I must look a right state on the metro in the mornings when I am reading a book at arms length. That or when I have to turn on a torch in a dim restaurant because I can’t read the menu.

Ah well, 41 was a good innings on not needing glasses.

I cannot foresee any other outcome to glasses here. Perhaps the surgery down the line. I may be sick or surgical procedures soon and may not wish to. Who knows.

I know in my heart of hearts that there’s no chance of me wearing contacts. To all of you that can wear them, fair play. I can’t imagine me sticking something in my eye.

Too much of a fanny for that!


Pain today: 6-10 now. Work up 02:00 with pain and it’s been like that since.
Mood today: Shattered, with friends climbing so yay for that.
Weight: same as yesterday.
Appetite today: tired, going for a meal with friends. I’ll see what I can eat.

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