My Goodbye to Apple

Well it’s official.

I no longer work for Apple at Teleperformance.

I had a lot of emotional goodbyes from the amazing friends I made during my time there. A lot of people have asked me my reason for moving on and I am explaining it repeatedly at the moment.
I have sincerely enjoyed my time on the Apple campaign. It’s had it’s ups and downs like anyone’s career. The little short stint where I lost the job but then was brought back to the company a few weeks later when they saw sense!
Yeah that’s got to be the all time low.

As with any call centre job, I am very accustomed to rapid change. During my 15 years with BT I saw it a lot. I never liked it with any employer however I have ‘lumped’ it.

When my good friend and still fellow colleague, the very excellent Mr Keith Ewen told me of his wish to leave the company we kind of made a pact. I’d let him know of anything and he would do the same.
As fate would have it. We join the new company Swiftpage on Monday morning. We’re also allowing the not-as-excellent-but-still-very-good Mr Chris Manders to come play too. Between the three of us I am sure we can make our new lives at Swiftpage all the better. Now on to the point I wanted to make. The job offer at Swiftpage came with so many benefits I just couldn’t turn it down. Sure it’s further to travel everyday but I get my old life back. I won’t be struggling to make ends meet Every. Damn. Month. I will no longer be working for a massive outsource or corporation. It’s such a close knit company. It looks like the office of dreams compared with what most of us are used to.
I really do want to say a sincere thank you to so many of my friends at TP:-

Alex Walker and Mark Frazer – You guys were there for me. You didn’t have to, you wanted to and for that I will forever be eternally grateful.
Marc Hewison – you’ve been a great influence and I thank you for that. I know sometimes I accuse you of being too by the book. Don’t change and stick to your guns. I know your heart is in the right place.
Laura Henderson – You!!!! Titch!, I’m going to miss your face so much. I’m gonna miss your craic so much. Days aren’t going to be the same without you.
Begley – Jesus fella. Where am I going to be without your random-ness and singing. Pelvic thrusting and piss poor jokes.
Scott Dotchin – You welcomed me to T2 with opened arms and the transition would not have been the same without you. I thank you for all the work you made me do, I will never ever forgive you for (COLROB)
Chris Steel – You were my T2 buddy and mentor at the start. You taught me so much is such a short space of time.
Adam Shaw – You sir, are the one that believed. I want to thank you for that. I knew it too. I still hate exams. smile emoticon
Andrew Gilbert – Gent, Scholar and muse. You always had the answers for me. Strangely when I hadn’t asked the question. I will miss you.
Daniel Cheeks Scott – China, your craic is amazing lad. You are an amazing friend and I will never forget you. Stay in touch.
Caron Topham – You lady, you made coaching sessions fun. You make everything fun. I shall miss you and you are welcome round any time you want. Remember the longer you leave it the bigger Rupert gets.
Brandon Paul Murdock – His drunken armour and his dashing childlike looks. Nothing ever seems to phase you. You’re always in the middle of the firefight and getting stuff done. It’s hard to believe you’re still only 19-20 years old. You really do have to keep doing what you’re doing. You kiddo are an amazing advisor and I believe in you.

Other mentions go out to Gary, Lucy, Bradey, Jill and Craig, you guys are the backbone of the company. Don’t let the you-know-who’s break you.
To the one’s that flew the nest before me. Gehan and Sharpey, Adam and Jen. Phil Irish and Josh Aslan. You’re right. It is a euphoric feeling to be out. Also one final mention to Chris McDonagh I do know being free is awesome. I just want you working again.
My last thoughts are as follows.
I don’t think that Hilton actually knows he retired 25 years ago and no one has actually told him yet.
Zan, my boy Zan. You keep fighting the power. I don’t think anyone knows who you are fighting and why. Just don’t actually change fella. Please go on and do something with your life.

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