Today I met Ghost’s creator Hannah Wolfe

There’s not really much more to say than that really. Today I totally met Ghost’s creator.
Her name is Hannah and she’s really nice. It was awesome to see Kerry awe-struck.
Kinda like the way I get around celeb chefs.

Since making the massive switch over from being a chef to working in tech support. There’s no one to look up to. You have no heros in my trade. Sure you have people who are good at their jobs and other people that are utterly attrocious at theirs. It’s a shame really.

Any-hoo back to Kerry. She’s doing a conference at jQuery UK today. It’s nice for her to meet her peers and heros. It’s actually great to see.

Back to Hannah, do I just say…

‘Hi… so I use your shit on my site , works really well. I love it. Thanks?’


Shit… That’s what I said.

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