So you may or may not know. I haven’t actually got a driving licence.

It’s odd isn’t it? Me being 36 and still not having one. I’ve lived in the city for years. Public transport has always been so good. Cheap enough, affordable more would say. Just really odd that I never bothered.

Well, Kerry grew up in a market town. Little to no prospects of owning her own car or borrowing her parents one as it’s provided by the govt.

Well I had been learning again. Kerry being driving since she was 17. She’s allowed to be my instructor and get my hours up.

Now lets face it. Instructors can teach you how. Until you’re happy with the amount of driving you’ve done. You feel like you’re not making mistakes anymore. You go in and do your test.

Well that’s the theory.

Except what happened was.

Cam Happened.

I know all of this. I’m a know-it-all-twat.

Stopped listening to advice. Thought I knew it all. Drove one night. Home after eating a load of food and drowsy. Drifted on a duel carriage way.

The rumble strip brought me back round but it was enough for Kerry to give me a 6 month ban in driving.

This weekend she lifted the ban.

I drove from Gateshead all the way to Reading. She was studying and working on her workshop whilst watching over me.

It was good. I was and am eager to impress.

I made one little mixup. I was coming up to a round-a-bout and way working my way down through the gearbox. I didn’t clutch all the way in for 3rd gear and boop **Stalled**

Oooh tell a lie. I did take a round-a-bout a little too eagerly. Kerry made comment that she thought it too much, she felt that the car would have skidded and that would be a fail. I didn’t feel the car slide but as I am trying to do everything by the book. Yeah… My bad.

So yeah. Cam driving again. It’s nice. I like driving. It’s good. I’m enjoying it.

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