Cafe One 20 – Go elsewhere.

This was, until today, a regular haunt for my friends and I. We have a ‘Breakfast Club’ usually first Sunday after payday we all meet up. Have breakfast together and do something fun afterwards. Well we will be looking for somewhere else.

I have been here about 4 or 5 times and I will say that the food is bland and mediocre at best. It’s not the cheapest either. Today has sealed it’s fate with the worst customer service I have received in a very long time.

We had two tables totaling 9 of us. We usually order their Canadian, Full English or Continental Breakfasts. Sadly apart from one of us who religiously orders a bacon sandwich. (Sadly there is no convincing this lad to expand his horizons)
Today we ordered 5 different cheques. We understand Sunday is a busy day for them. The table of 4 got their food no problems. My table of 5 not so much. 4 breakfasts were delivered correctly (They even had amendments) but then the waiter turns up with a Canadian breakfast we simply had not ordered. We were challenged by the waiter who walked back to the kitchen and then back to the table again with the same food asking if we had made a mistake. No definitely not. So he returned to the kitchen. I have direct view of a very disgruntled manager making a b-line with the same food and the snatched cheque from another member of staff.

We were then challenged by a clearly angered woman who informed us that WE had made the error and not themselves.

Our party member would not have ordered a Canadian breakfast as she doesn’t like eggs nor does she like Maple syrup. So basically. No. Not our error.

She then informs us again that it was ordered incorrectly by us and that it would have to be re-made. My friend asked if there were a difference in price that he would need to make up and she just walked off mumbling. Well at this point we all discussed leaving.
Our poor party member was left waiting for her food till most of us had finished and then felt obliged to wolf it down as to not cause delay to the rest of us.

We saw friends having a similar issue there as we left informing the waiter they were waiting for food and it turned out they had delivered his meal to another diner and they had eaten it. Only to be then told he hadn’t ordered a meal himself.

Utter shambles. I think I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Other than that. It’s a nice place. Clean. Great vibe and very swanky looking and very comfortable. Toilets are always spotless and the other staff are nice people.

When you make a mistake you admit it. You don’t challenge paying patrons. You don’t down right call people liars!

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