Battlefield 4

Today is release day. I am excited to say the least. I look forward to playing with [Kerry]( a lot. Something happened with Kerry in Battlefield 3. She and I stopped playing it together. I can’t remember what caused it. I got back into the game when I started working for Apple as people there played it too. I got back into it and really started enjoying it again.

Kerry not so much, but it did cause a stirring knowing that 4 was coming soon.

Well… We all started playing BF 4 Together and in the beginning. It was great. The beta that is. We had a decent group and moreso. We could game together.

Ever since release day. Not-so-much.

So work this out.

If Kerry and I have the exact same build machine and I mean exact. We have different PSU’s and cases.
Why do I crash out of the game at every chance the game gets?

It’s stupid. EA Triumphs again.

I can play for 3/4’s of a game and it crashes out.

What a pile of!

Reinstalling does nothing.
Lowering graphics does nothing.
Reinstalling windows does nothing.
Speaking to EA DOES NOTHING.

What a waste of money.

I’m rebuilding my machine next week with a new SSD. I’ll report if it fixes it but I doubt it.

Bah EA… BAH I SAY!!!

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