Jake 1 and 2.0 and Cedric

[Kerry](http://www.kerrygallagher.co.uk) has been asking me if we could get a Rabbit for about 2 years now. I have resisted the temptation for ages due to money and laziness but Kerry stuck to her guns and I finally buckled and said lets do it.

So Kerry researched and found that she really wanted a [French Lop](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Lop) and I did a little reading myself. I found that she’s right. It’s the Bunny breed I’d want most too.

So about 2 weeks ago Kerry starts checking into breeders and finds a breeder in Houghton-Le-Spring and a phone call later decides that she can on her way home from work will be able to pick up her rabbit.

She returns from work and she brings with her a caramel French lop called Jake 1.0

![Jake 1.0](/content/images/2013/Nov/IMG_1714_JPG.jpg)

This was one of the nicest bunnehs I have ever had the pleasure to love and hold. Alas… it was not meant to be.

Kerry had taken him to the vet to get injections etc for the bunny insurance and they informed her they couldn’t as he had a chest infection. We were given meds to give him. He seemed to react well to the meds. The insurance company gave us a kick in the teeth saying they would no longer cover any future respiratory conditions.
Then… aggressively and suddenly he got worse and worse and late night before going to bed Kerry told me that she didn’t expect him to live through the night.
Unfortunately… Kerry was right. I woke early and Jake was still and I woke Kerry to say her goodbyes and we burried him later that day with the rest of the Ratties down by the river on the border of Durham and Gateshead.

Now. This was crunch time. Kerry has spent a lot of money on setup. Cages, carriers, toys, litter trays, bedding, food etc

We talked over and over and it was the best thing to do. We go immediately out and source new bunnies.
Now this I make perfectly clear. Not from the same breeder. There is no way in hell she didn’t know already. She must have known her rabbits were ill. We should have said something about it but didn’t.

The new breeder lived in a similar area. Houghton Village this time. Lovely new housing estate. We get in the car and go for a visit. What luxury the Rabbits lived in. They were litter trained already. We got to meet their mum and dad. We had approximately 8 rabbits in total. 2 were sold already. 2 were doe’s so were out. Leaving us with about 4 to choose from.

I fell in love with Ceddy as soon as I laid eyes on him. I’ve always wanted a blue rat so when I noticed this blue gray rabbit I fell in love.

So Jake 2.0 is on the left and Cedric is on the right.

They are bros, doesn’t matter how much room you have given them, they’re just hanging out together.

Awesome aren’t they?


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