El Beardio Shepio – New flatmate

We put a call out over twitter similar blog post last year when Christy moved out and the greek answered the call.

When he moved out *(read: asked to leave)* he left the place in a terrible state. Holes in the wall broken furnature everywhere. Stolen household items.

Well we were going to make for 100% sure that the new flatmate was going to fit the pair of us. We’ve had previous housemates that have turned Kerry into a recluse and bedroom hermit.
Also in times gone by we’ve had flatmates that used their weight in Toilet paper. We needed to find a happy medium.

Now before you cry Doris Stokes. She’s dead and we kind of wanted someone who was tech savvy. In decent work. Was a fucking adult.

We put a shout out on twitter and the like and both blogged etc asking for anyone that knew of someone looking for a place to live.

Enter Shepy.

He was looking and it made perfect sense. He fit the bill and to be honest. He’s been a massive inspiration to me. He motivates me and also points me in the right direction a lot like my stepdad did in times past.

So I am happy to report that we’re back to a 3 in the house again. We’ve all got similar interests and it’s making for a happy household.

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