New Felix

New car time and by New car time. We actually mean **NEW** car time.

We’ve decided that there are a couple of cars within our price range. One in Middlesbrough and one in Stockton. They’re £6000 each. They’re both Ford Focus models and we went to our local car dealer Jennings Ford to have them shipped up for test drives. We have some money to put towards the car but mainly we’ll put the rest on credit.

We get down to the place with a monthly figure in mind. We find out while there that we can more than afford the monthly on the cars. In fact we can afford double if not triple what they’re going for.

So what other cars have you got.

Here’s the laughable thing.

When we walked in we saw this car:-

![New Felix](/content/images/2013/Nov/IMG_0930_JPG.jpg)
Totally out of our price range. It’s so nice. It’s beyond nice. Low milage. 1 owner. Just fucking gorgeous.

We ask the guy. Can we afford that?

Course you can. On the money you were going to pay. That car would work out exactly double. Still within the money.

Lets go have a play.

It’s got:-

* 2.0l Diesel Engine
* 6 gears
* Alloy Wheels
* Air Conditioning
* Heated windscreen front and back (it might sound trivial but it’s a must up north)
* Full service history
* Heated Seats
* DAB radio
* Alarm
* Hatchback.
* Proximity radar parking thingy
* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s black, which is what we wanted.

So we applied for the car and it’s ready for pickup in 2 days. It needs it’s next service and they’re including it in the price but we just have to wait.


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