Car Troubles Part Trois

So I am driving in Felix, we’re in Sunderland picking up Phil from work and seeing a man about a dog all at the same time.
We’ve just picked Phil up and dropping off his mate and I am trying to pull away from a traffic lighted roundabout and I can’t get the car to move. I rev the engine and it cuts out. I attempt to move again and the same. I rev the tits off the car and move it but it’s just cutting out. I pull off the main street into a side road and then the car conks out and I can’t get it to start again. The starter motor is now clicking.

AA time.

Call The AA and they arive quite quickly it’s not good news. he says that he thinks the Engine has ‘locked’ and he said it’s time for a tow. So yeah…

We’re here again. Getting the car towed to the garage. I fear the worst.

The garage is closed. I will go see them in the morning and see what they say.

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