New Flatmate Needed

So, unfortunately our awesome flatmate is moving out. We’re looking for someone to move in as soon as possible, from the beginning of April onwards.
The details:
£300 p/m (that includes bills).
The flat is in Gateshead, 2 minutes from Saltwell Park.
You’ll be living with a couple and eight rats – ideally you’ll love them, but at the least you must be able to tolerate them, they live in the living room and are super friendly.
You’ll have a double bedroom.
It’s part-furnished.
We’d rather have somebody social that can hopefully become a friend too. Rather than someone that lives in their room 24/7.
Smokers are okay.
XL TV and Broadband from Virgin Media.
There are good transport links. There’s a bus stop 2 minutes away that will take you directly to Newcastle.
About us:
I’m a front-end web developer, Cam is a computer technician. We’re both massive gamers, and technology addicts. We love animals, and as above have eight ace ratties. We’re social, and will be overjoyed if you’re in to beer, curry and movie nights. We also love jammies, the more you mooch in PJs the better really (you don’t have to though, of course).

**Cam’s Addendum**

We are not saying you have to be a tech savvy rat bonkers curryaholic because lets face it. We are the 0.1 percent
I would like to reiterate that we are looking for friendly types. Shy is cool but we have got to live together and err…. Chavs need not apply =]

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