###I’m working again.

A local computer shop called were looking for a Computer Technician. I’m pleased to report that I love it. I’m a technician again, I deal with Hardware faults and up sell to software rebuilds. I build make to spec machines chosen by the customer to virus removal. I’m on my feet 9 hours of the day (or perched on a stool when it’s needed)
As for the pain? Well… I did consult with my doctor before taking the job. He and I worked out that I just take the correct amount of morphine to get me through the day, I do rely heavily on my Morphine Sulphate solution for my breakthrough pain. It tastes like ass but it does seem to curb the pain till I don’t notice it any more. I’m seeing my specialist again soon and also the dreaded pain clinic too. Wonder what medicines they’ll have me trying next eh?
Anyway… back to the job. Its fun. Dealing with customers face to face is more fun. They tend not to swear in your face as the customers of old when I worked in the call centre were all to keen to do over the phone. There’s a hell of a lot more job satisfaction too.
So anyways.. This be my update, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. That’ll be the 9 hour shifts 6 days a week then, I gotta pay the bills some how 😦

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