Weightgain 4000

So I appear to have put a shite load of weight on.

I mean don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a fucking shock! I have eyes and I can see that clothes don’t fit and for months now I’ve been hiding from my reflection. Enough is enough. Well I weigh in at 18stone 4lbs.

So lets do maths:-
**18 stones is 18 X 14 = 252 lbs**

According to 2 different fitness websites I’ve been on for the massive height of 5’ 7” I should be 160 lbs but that’s 11.5 stones. Screw that, when I divorced and moved back in with mum and dad. When I did Atkins and lost all the weight, I was 13-14 stone and I was happier than I was when I was 21 and I was 11 stone. So I am happy to aim for 14 stones. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. So essentially. I have 4 stones to shed and then reassess.
I found out that due to my employment status, I am entitled to free Weightwatchers. So the doctor is sorting that out for me and I will be pleased to attend.
I’m excited for losing weight like I was on atkins, except… without exercise I am a little concerned. It’s not that I won’t exercise, with my knee I can’t fooking do it! Though I must say that Kerry and Shepy both want to go swimming. Can’t really go wrong at £4 a go. I just hope my knee is okay with swimming as truly this will be the last straw if I can’t.
Diet food doesn’t scare me. Sure at times it can be bland, but I do remember I have something in the region of 38 points a day. It gets tougher as time moves forwards. When I get closer to my by-goal I will be more like 30 points and compared to points intake of someone like Kerry (19 per day) I really should STFU really.
So anyways, I thought I’d give an update.
I’ll keep you all appraised on here. Kerry made me rewards and well made the diet fun last time. I do so hope she does it this time too 😀

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