Lucian Van Der Werepaws

I’d like to introduce to you my new whisker twitcher Lucian.
![Lucian Van Der Werepaws](/content/images/2013/Nov/photo_JPG.jpg)
If you’ve ever taken the time to watch the Vampire/Lycanthropy trilogy (soon to be quadrilogy) ‘Underworld’ you will aware of the head of the Lycan’s Lucian. This may or may not be where I totally stole the name from.
I really do seem to have a thing for ‘L’ Names.
My rats from our Furry Brotherhood are:-

* Lottie von Lancelot (The sex changing rat – See previous blog posts)
* Lestat de Leoncourt (I wonder where I took that name eh? Anne rice fans out there?)
* Lucian Van Der Werepaws – Our newest member of the Brotherhood.

How cute is he?
Well, there’ll be loads more photos to come.
There is, of course a second new member of the furry brotherhood. He is brother to Lucian and his name is ‘Remy’ he is very shy, unlike his namesake pixar French chef (See Ratatouille) again, more photos to come.

p.s we contacted 4 rat breeders from N.E.R.S. regarding going down on waiting lists. This was 2 months ago and not a single one of them replied via email. I guess it is true what they say about breeders and such. You totally do have to be part of the ‘in crowd’ to even get a sodding reply to an email.

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