Belkin… Get tae Faaaa….

Serious. Rant. mode.

Before I start, Yes I understand I am a glutton for punishment and most probably caused this issue myself.

3 years ago my flatmate James moved out. When he moved out. For some reason it coincided with the death of a router.
Don’t ask me how, the Netgear router we owned couldn’t decide who it was going with and instead committed internet Hari-Kari!

[Kerry]( and I went to the nearest computer shop (I think it may have been PC World) and bought a Wireless G Belkin, it worked fine for the first couple of months then we got a niggling issue where in it would lose the wireless link. (not that our main desktop machines- We’re Gamers. We don’t use Wifi) We constantly contacted Belkin who suggested the unit be replaced.
Okay, pain in the arse but let’s get it done. So it was replaced and have a guess? Yeah no different.
We move on a year of it doing the same and Kerry or myself just resetting the router every time it played up.

Then comes a new issue.

The LAN on the router would give up. The machines in the house all reporting they had a LAN connection but no traffic would flow.
Sometimes it would restore but more resetting it than it auto fixing.
We lived with the piece of shit for a good few months longer before boiling point. We decided enough was enough and after reading a load of reviews Kerry and I decided we’d replace the unit.
Did we listen to the advice? No did we shite, we went to a local PC shop again. (I think it was actually curries or comet) We bought Belkin’s new Wireless N series router.

Everything was fine for a short while and then POW!!!!! The fucking same issues started to raise their ugly heads again. Wireless I understand, so many other wireless routers in close proximity etc etc.
The LAN bit is driving us mad. There is no reason why this should be happening. It’s happening, sure as shit is it! GRRRRR!!!!

So many calls to Belkin HQ (read: India) and their repeated mis-understanding of the situation. They seem to think their LAN is the best thing since sliced bread,

“Just reset the RAW-tur Mr More-TIMER”. Well shit! I never thought of that!

Weeks of phone calls and now… We need to replace the router.
The thing is, to replace the router means not having a router as they replace once in receipt of the faulty unit.
Well bollocks,

I called Virgin Media, informed them of the issue. They’re sending us a D-link router for a fiver.

Not a bad price. So lets see.

Sorry for all the swearing and ranting.
– C

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