Car Troubles part Deux

I wrote a blog 2 weeks ago about the car being fixed. All was well but I am now about to contradict what I’ve said.

**The. Fucking. Car. Broke. Down. Again.**

[Kerry](, myself and her dad (Joe) had just driven to her Uni to get her final results and I am pleased to report that she got a 2:1 with Hons, So from now it’s Kerry Gallagher BSC Hons

So anyways, we’re out in the car, Collected her results (so proud) and head off to the Metro Centre with Kerry and Joe to grab a bite to eat and a film or something to help Kerry celebrate.

The car starts making this god awful noise. I really do have troubles deciding on the correct onomatopoeia here. I want to say it’s a ‘Clacking’ noise Kerry says a of a ‘rattle’ suffice to say. We cut the engine immediately and pushed it like 10 metres to the car park at pets at home. A nice member of the public asked to have a listen and said it sounded like a baring gone on one of the pullies.

We pay for AA so a quick call and less than 30 minutes later they turn up. He said that we shouldn’t run the engine and that we should get a tow to our garage and told me that the baring had gone on fuel pump.
So we get to the garage, I pass the details given by the AA to my mechanic mate Gary.

He laughs out loud, and I mean roaring belly laugh, I suspect I made a complete cock of myself. He puts his arm round me and says in front of all his mechanic mates and says the imortal words

*‘Howay darlin lets go have a look at it’*

Yay for being emasculated!

So it’s in being fixed at the moment, well as of yesterday. He stripped it down and it turns out that the water pump is shot. Something really bad happened. The alternator we had replaced in January was massively fecked. All of the cowling was broken. Like it was a badly made. The good news is that we’re not going to have to pay another £300 for that. We have receipt and it’s going back to Bosch who will not only replace the unit but will also cover the labour cost of replacing it too. I do wonder how much Gary is going to charge for this. The water pump after a quick google is £25-45. We also asked to have an electric window that was sticking fixed and also to have the gearbox cables oiled too. Oh and we’re checking into whether the timing belt needs changed yet.
So… fingers crossed it’ll only be a couple hundred. Split once (Kerry and I share all costs on the car)
So… now that’s the end of this massive rant.
Cars eh? Can’t live without them.
– C

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