Car Troubles

Well, its been long time coming but we’ve just had the car in with the mechanic to get the clutch replaced.

I know… I know, sounds like the car is turning into a right money pit but far from it. In the whole time we’ve owned the car (4 years) we have had:-

* An engine temperature sensor go pop. (Twas an AA call out and £20 to fix)
* A lazy alternator, it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t charging the battery properly, 13.9V instead of 14.5. We had it replaced for like £300
* A whole new clutch, frost baring and cables with 2.5 litres of gearbox oil for £250 (Now this surprised me as people complain of gosu hundreds of pounds for theirs)

So other than that. Silly consumables really. Though we had the filter on the screen wash get clogged so in fixing that we also replaced the pump. Oh and a new handbrake. It’s not a bad car really. It’s 11 years old this year and done 151,803 miles. (Kerry is driving at the mo) everyone that’s ever worked on the car says it’s a good’n and it’ll do another 150,000. It’s always nice to hear. We really do need a motorway traveller. What with Both Kerry and me being southerners and our entire families living a good 250 miles away. Oh it’s a fucking chore of a journey but we rack up our 500 mile round trip as often as we can.
So anyways back to spending like £300 on a new clutch. It really emasculates me the car… I mean, I know nothing of mechanics. I know the very small amounts of basic maintenance. But if anything big goes wrong. I feel like a young woman being scammed by a fast talking con artist. I know not to go with the first price quoted. I call my mate Martin and ask him what a good price would be and he usually rings around for me. To give me a guide price to work to. This time he came back with about £350 so when I found out I could get the clutch, concentric, frost baring and 2.5 litres of gearbox oil for £250 he said snap his arm off for it. Oh the driver side electric window had come off it’s runners. He fixed that for no charge.

Oh but… The Bloody mechanic didn’t tell me he disconnected the battery. So off we set on our 250 mile journey. We have a cassette radio by the way but we have one of them fangledangle tape to iPhone jobbers £2.50 from Woolies but i digress

So turn on the car and the radio displays Radio code!!!!

Noo! That requires taking out the radio getting the serial number and either contacting ford or someone in the know. How do I know this? Ah that’s because when the alternator was changed we went through that feckless rigmoral, but we’re on the motorway and no… Of course we didn’t record it down somewhere sensible. Like say in our Haynes manual. Christ no! That’d be well… sensible! So this was about to be a long ass journey. Well!

Thankfully being the geeks we are. We remembered the website we used to get the code last time. Trawled a 1000+ post thread for my post. No i am not exaggerating. Seriously what a terrible forum. No ‘search users posts’ or anything. What I did find was a ‘you last logged in’ date. Searched the thread for that date. Randomly picking thread page numbers and what I can say is trawling a desktop site on an iPhone **IS NOT FUN!** If you wish to know. The code is 8911

I don’t think I will either *a.* Use the code again or *b.* Forget the code.
So there, that’s my car blog/rant hope I didn’t bore you too much.

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