The First introduction

Yesterday we doused all the rats in vanilla essence and [Kerry]( carrying the girls and me with the boys on shoulder walked carefully to the bath and slowly once the girls were in place in the bath scurrying round like everything was brand new. We put the boys in.

**Now. You. Never. EVER** know how it’s going to go. The most placid of rats could turn out to be ferocious velociraptors. The angriest tempered rat can turn out to be a complete pussycat.
So Kerry and I sat patiently with a tea towel in hand should the meeting turn into a bloodbath.



Not a fucking sausage. A whole lot of sniffing and a little boxing and pinning smaller rats down. Other than that. It was really nice. Both of the girls started to groom the boys which was lovely to see, especially from Lancelot (Lotty) as she rarely if ever groomed Stripe. All is well in the house now. We cleaned out and collapsed the small cage today and it’s stowed away under the big Liberta cage awaiting till Kerry and I think it’s about time for 2 new kittens. I recon it’ll be 3-6 months. I’d like to get rescues. Mainly because they’d be neutered already. I’d ideally love a gigantic bred rat. Either Russian or American blue and of course a dumbo as they melt my heart.
So I’d say I am chuffed at the moment. Rat playtime is awesome. Getting 4 rats out of the cage simultaneously is an art form.


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