Returning from the Vets

Just a quick note to say that both Tidus and Lestat came home from the vets last night. They were very drunk on pain killers. It was actually horrible to see them that way. A little bit of dry blood around the wounds. Stitches look clean and aren’t weeping.
Well this morning they’re eating and laying in the hammock together. Is it strange that they already smell different? I know it’s a routine operation in the eyes of the veterinary world but seriously it’s not to a pet owner or rat owner for that matter. So it didn’t stop me snivelling a child/parent on the first day of school. Bless them though. They shaved in places which as a horrible person. IS HILARIOUS! (I do not condone shaving of animals, no matter how freakishly funny it can be in a dog or cat way) They have had to have an arm shaved for an IV and obviously their ball-bags or now lack thereof. Now the vet also shaved Tidus’ neck around his abscess. It really does make it stand out much MUCH more now. It’s something we want dealt with as a matter or urgency as soon as the stitches are healed. Poor little man! He’s had a rough life.
So yeah, that’ll suffice as an update anymore and it’ll turn into a mega blog.


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